Guide to Evaluating & Understanding Restaurants Research with Brizo

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Restaurants Research

As foodservice suppliers, adapting to the ever-dynamic market can be difficult and expensive. Companies need accurate, readily available insights and data-driven insights to make decisions and accelerate their business. Brizo provides the perfect bridge to foodservice research and understanding with unparalleled data capture, analysis and insights. From sales prospecting to competitive analytics, this guide to evaluating and understanding restaurants research will offer a valuable glimpse into how Brizo can make a real difference in your operations.

At the heart of Brizo’s data lies market intelligence which supplies critical insights and analytics to help companies gain greater visibility into their market. Accessible through a simple yet powerful dashboard, Brizo market intelligence gives stakeholders a better look at menu engineering, sales projections and competitive analysis at a granular level. By leveraging data-driven insights, companies can make faster, more informed decisions while streamlining production innovation and strategically expanding their business.

Sales Prospecting in the Foodservice Market

Brizo’s sales intelligence is designed to empower sales teams with all the data they need to uncover potential leads and turn them into customers quickly and efficiently. Businesses can use Brizo’s integrated database of all restaurants, hotels and foodservice establishments in the US to precisely pinpoint opportunities and sharpen their sales focus. Our platform also provides more detailed information such as menu data, historic sales figures, occupancy rates, seasonal spending trends and even the latest areas of food innovation. All these can then be translated into targeted strategies and actionable market intelligence.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

Reaching out to restaurant clients is not always straightforward. Marketing to foodservice establishments requires a high degree of precision, and the competitive landscape can quickly become saturated with compelling offers. With the help of Brizo’s marketing intelligence, businesses can significantly increase their chances of success. Our platform aggregates and identifies customer interests, current trends, upcoming openings and even innovative restaurant technologies. In combination with predictive analytics, Brizo provides companies with data-led insights that help them get the right message to the right customers at the right time.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

For restaurant operators, expanding the presence requires conducting in-depth research into possible locations, competitor analysis and projecting costs. Brizo’s market analytics platform simplifies this by providing detailed information about demographic trends, food culture, kitchen infrastructure and more. This allows businesses to quickly create a comprehensive plan for their expansion and accurately forecast the cost of occupying new locations. From there, they can explore further through Brizo’s easy-to-use mapping service to locate reveals suitable premises for their operations.

Data Enrichment

Enhancing existing systems with relevant data is key to accelerating decision-making and unlocking greater competitive advantages. Brizo’s data enrichment capabilities can help businesses refine their operations by uncovering more comprehensive market insights and fully harnessing their power. By taking advantage of our data intelligence services, enterprises can enrich their systems with the latest information while staying up-to-date on market trends to make decisions with confidence.

Final considerations

Foodservice suppliers that adopt Brizo’s market intelligence platform will be ahead of the game in terms of evaluating and understanding restaurants research. By leveraging our data-driven insights, users can improve sales prospecting, optimize marketing campaigns and reach strategic expansion goals. With an intuitive interface and comprehensive data capture, Brizo is your one-stop-shop for informed decision-making in the foodservice market.