Guide to Evaluating & Understanding Breakfast Trends in 2023

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Breakfast Trends 2023

Breakfast, as the saying goes, is the most important meal of the day. In the US, it’s the biggest daypart for foodservice and restaurant operations, making up 28% of all restaurant sales according to the National Restaurant Association. As a foodservice operator, it’s essential to keep up with what’s in-demand and trendy in order to grow your breakfast business.

To understand and stay informed about the latest trends in the foodservice breakfast industry, operators need accurate and comprehensive data that can provide them with deep insights into the market. Luckily, there is now a range of comprehensive data sources and services, such as Brizo, which can provide you with comprehensive breakfast analytics to better understand today’s breakfast trends in the foodservice market.

In this guide, we’ll discuss what you need to know to understand and evaluate breakfast trends in 2023 in order to better manage breakfast operations and optimize foodservice sales.

Breakfast food trends:

In the ever-changing foodservice industry, customers are always looking for the latest and most exciting new breakfast offerings. To ensure a successful breakfast program, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest foods and flavors being offered by competitors. By understanding which top-selling breakfast items are in demand in the industry, chefs and operators can create breakfast meals and menus that are both tasteful and desired by customers.

Product innovation is also becoming increasingly important in the breakfast trends. Companies are creating on-the-go breakfast items that make it easier for customers to grab a quick breakfast without having to go to a restaurant. This is changing the breakfast trends in a big way, and it’s essential for operators to take note of these changes and update their offering to include portable options.

Breakfast market trends:

Analyzing breakfast sales and customer data can give operators invaluable insights into the breakfast market. Operators can access data such as regional preferences, peak sales times, and menu changes in order to better understand the breakfast market landscape. This can help them identify new breakfast opportunities or adjust existing strategies to better cater to customer preferences.

In addition, operators should be aware of macro breakfast trends in the industry such as sustainability initiatives and new tech integrations. Sustainability initiatives are becoming increasingly important in the foodservice industry, and operators must stay abreast of the latest sustainability trends in order to remain competitive. Additionally, operators should be aware of new tech integrations such as kiosk ordering or contactless payments that can improve the efficiency of their operations and improve customer experiences.

Breakfast menu trends:

By looking at current breakfast menus, operators can see what top-selling dishes are in demand today and stay on-trend with the latest breakfast menu items. Operators can identify popular ingredients, meal items, and consumer preferences to better understand what their customers are looking for.

It’s also important for operators to be aware of dynamic menu trends. This includes everything from plateware and presentation to food styles and ingredients. The presentation and presentation of a meal can have a big impact on customer experience, and operators need to be mindful of the details. Additionally, operators should also be aware of hybrid flavors and top global cuisines as these can also be key components of menu trends.