Guide to Evaluating and Understanding Sandwich Trends 2023

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Sandwich Trends 2023

With the advent of food delivery platforms, foodservice market analysis is on the rise in the U.S. Today’s merchants and restaurateurs cannot afford to miss out on the newest trends and must be on top of the latest store openings and menu updates. Every player in the donut industry needs a highly detailed map of the US market to make sound decisions for their operations and growth.

To make sure that you’re taking full advantage of the latest market data, Brizo delivers the market insights platform that will help you discover all of the trends driving the sandwich segment of the foodservice industry. The following guide will help you better understand and evaluate the forces shaping sandwiches’ future trends in the U.S.

Overview of U.S. Sandwich Trends In 2023

By 2023, the universal popularity of the sandwich is expected to give it an even greater foothold in the American food culture. Over the course of the past year, the variety and individualization of American sandwiches has increased exponentially, further democratizing the fast-casual sector.

Having already achieved a widespread presence, the quality of the sandwich is becoming paramount. Gourmet and artisanal sandwiches are increasingly rivaling the traditional sandwich and have slowly started to dominate the industry. In the years to come, the gourmet sandwich trend is likely to continue dominating the market as consumers get savvier about their sandwich choices in search of both health benefits and greater flavor.

Improving Efficiency and Understanding with Automation

U.S. restaurateurs are quickly turning to automation to improve their operational efficiency, increase order accuracy and free up staff for other tasks. Automation and artificial intelligence are key technologies employed by restaurant technology providers.

At the core, automation reduces the burden of manual labor and frees restaurateurs to focus on more pressing tasks such as customer engagements or front-of-house management. Automation also helps restaurants quickly pivot operations to accommodate sudden shifts in consumer demand, eliminating costly downtime.

Aside from operational benefits, automation also enables restaurant owners to gain operational insights. Rather than having to manually sort through an endless stream of data, restaurant technology providers offer an AI-supported analytics engine that not only simplifies data but also makes recommendations based on the trends presented.

Stretching the Possibilities of Thin-Pie Sandwiches In 2023

Thin-pie sandwiches are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S., with more restaurants offering these dishes in their menus. Thin-pie sandwiches are characterized by their crispy and slightly sweet taste, and the fact that they can be prepared quickly and stored for longer periods than traditional sandwiches.

In 2023, thin-pie sandwiches are expected to diversify, in terms of fillings, and take on seasonal flavors. Restaurants are also exploring value added options that use innovative ingredients and techniques. For instance, some restaurants are now serving vitamin-rich wraps and sandwiches, which are specifically targeted towards health-conscious consumers.

Leveraging Data and Insights To Guide Decisions

Data and insights can help restaurant owners make informed decisions about their menu designs, store locations, offers, customer service, employee management and more. Moreover, data-driven decisions will be invaluable as restaurateurs tackle increased competition, expanding customer bases and competitive market share dynamics.

At Brizo, restaurateurs can access a world-class foodservice market insights platform powered by big data, AI and data science. With our suite of intelligence tools, users can make faster and more informed decisions on their operations and strategies by understanding their environment, staying ahead of customer demands and uncovering competitor research and guard against disruption.