Guide to Evaluating and Understanding Foodservice Insights

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Foodservice Insights

In the food and beverage industry, franchises are always looking to expand operations and gain a foothold in the local market. Doing so requires a thorough understanding of relevant trends and insights to ensure success. With the implementation of advanced analytics and data-driven insights pushed through Brizo’s platform, making those decisions is easier than ever. This guide provides an overview of the different data sets available and how they work to help franchises evaluate and better understand the foodservice industry’s changing market trends.

In order to drive better decisions, franchise owners need clear and easily accessible information related to the foodservice industry. Through Brizo’s platform, some of the metrics that are available include detailed menu information, restaurant tech coverage, and sales prospecting data. Additionally, operators are able to utilize data enrichment services, which enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of information and empowers decision makers to move forward confidently.

The first set of data on Brizo’s platform enables companies to equip their sales teams with data-driven insights and analytics. This helps them to provide insight for strategic forecasting and optimization. It also allows sales teams to conduct research into target markets quickly and efficiently. For example, operators can find locations and restaurants closest to their current offering that fit with their menu. It also helps identify customer trends before they hit a new market.

The second set of insights available on Brizo’s platform is for marketers. Marketers can access a detailed report of the different foodservice segment keys, helping to inform marketing strategies and campaigns. Data is broken down by region, type, price point, attractions, and customer types, providing a fuller picture of the local market. With this data, marketers can create targeted campaigns for franchises to reach the right customers in order to attract, convert, and close more leads.

Finally, operators using Brizo’s platform are able to locate new kitchens and expand operations with ease. By utilizing data-driven insights, companies are able to streamline production innovation and optimize their strategies for expansion. The platform provides insights about different customer segments and allows franchise owners to evaluate the right type of customers for their target segment. This helps to build an effective growth plan without the need for exhaustive research.

Data enrichment is the final service offered in Brizo’s platform. By using their system, companies are able to enhance their sales and marketing strategies with more comprehensive market insights. It also allows for better analysis of customer data, helping to inform decision-making while also providing an audit trail. This ensures data accuracy and more efficient data management.

With the help of analytics and data-driven insights, franchises are easily able to evaluate and understand foodservice insights in the competitive market. Brizo’s platform allows for an in-depth understanding of menu data, restaurant tech coverage, sales prospecting data, and data enrichment services. This makes strategic decisions easier and helps franchises optimize their operations for expansion.