Guide to Evaluating and Understanding Fastest-Growing Restaurants

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Fastest-Growing Restaurants

The competitive foodservice market is in constant flux – with new players entering on a weekly basis, existing restaurants looking to expand their operations, and those wanting to tap into food trends that can drive growth for their businesses. In order to make the best decisions for your food service company, you must have a comprehensive understanding of the industry landscape. While market research can be a time-consuming process, there are tools and solutions available to help you evaluate the most successful restaurants and understand the key elements of the fastest-growing restaurants.

Brizo provides a range of data and insights to empower companies and operators in the food service industry to make strategic decisions. From gaining an understanding of restaurant menus to sales prospecting and marketing strategies, Brizo’s data-driven insights open up opportunities for franchisors, operators and marketers to gain a competitive edge in the rapidly-evolving foodservice market.

Sales Prospecting in the Foodservice Market

Sales prospecting is an especially important component of running a successful restaurant, and having access to the right data can prove invaluable. With Brizo’s proprietary insights and reporting system, sales teams can find new opportunities and accurately target each potential accounts’ specific needs and goals. The unique data fields offered by Brizo provides comprehensive industry intelligence in the foodservice sector, including demographic, menu, operational and pricing information to fuel agile sales strategies.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

As the restaurant industry continues to become increasingly competitive, it’s important to stay ahead of the latest foodservice trends and use data-led insights to inform decisions on which products and services will be most relevant to each target demographic. With Brizo, you’ll have access to detailed information on who orders the most items and who shops with which restaurant, giving your marketing team critical insights to inform the creation of effective campaigns. This comprehensive data set can be used to create loyalty programs, personalize offers, and optimize promotions to maximize potential sales, profits, and customer retention.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Whether it’s finding the perfect kitchen or opening a new location, understanding the foodservice market and optimizing your operations is critical to taking full advantage of the opportunities available. Through Brizo’s insights, you can figure out the best locations for expansion and more effectively manage day-to-day operations. Utilizing this data-driven market intelligence can dramatically reduce costs, mitigate risk, and optimize supply chain effectiveness.

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment is an essential component of preparing for growth, accurately forecasting performance, and assuring consistent operations. With Brizo’s suite of market insights, you’ll have access to valuable data on the foodservice market and be able to better leverage your analytics platforms for smarter decision-making. This more comprehensive and reliable data set allows you to gain deeper insights and make decisions with more confidence.

From sales prospecting to data enrichment, Brizo’s foodservice market intelligence offers a unique suite of data-driven insights to help franchisors, operators and marketers to make informed decisions and optimize their growth. By utilizing analysis, trends and demographic information, you can have a better understanding of the industry to take advantage of every opportunity.