Growing Your Restaurant Business with Comprehensive Analytics

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Evaluating Restaurant Pr Analytics Software

At a time when competition in the retail and restaurant industries is at an all-time high, data-driven insights are increasingly becoming a necessity for staying ahead of the competition. With behaviors shifting quickly, technology evolving, and customer needs changing by the minute, it’s practically impossible for restaurants to plan and optimize their operations in traditional ways. As a result, it’s become an absolute necessity to leverage data and analytics in order to dig deeper into customer trends and patterns, and make decisions that are more informed and accurate.

Foodservice operators and restaurateurs need reliable, up-to-date market intelligence in order to develop smarter insights and make more effective decisions. Brizo provides a comprehensive suite of data for restaurant technology providers that enables them to better understand their customers and the market to create more tailored solutions and strategies. Leveraging data – from menu items and trends to restaurant tech coverage – can help restaurant operators, foodservice suppliers and technology providers make better decisions, optimize the customer experience, and save time and costs.

Sales Prospecting in the Foodservice Market

Equipping sales teams with the right data-driven insights is an important part of finding success in the foodservice market. Brizo’s data can help sales teams prioritize contacts, make more informed sales calls, and target the right customers. The platform provides valuable information, such as industry terms and definitions, contact information, menu items and pricing, plus a host of other data. With this information, sales teams can develop deeper relationships with customers, increase their response rate, close more deals, and save time.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

Extracting data-driven insights enables foodservice providers and restaurateurs to create more effective marketing campaigns. From a digital advertising perspective, data can help to identify target audiences by region and interest to better tailor messages and increase response rates. Additionally, being able to access data on industry trends or sub-categories can help marketers avoid certain campaigns that are considered off-brand and improve the success rate of others.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Foodservice providers need reliable data to develop insights about the restaurant industry and use that information to identify attractive locations and opportunities to expand operations. Leveraging data can reduce the risk of making the wrong decision when selecting a partner or location. Additionally, data can also help to identify audiences, assess competitive scenarios, and develop win-win partnerships that bring the best out of both partners.

Data Enrichment

Data is constantly evolving and changing with the industry, particularly when it comes to foodservice trends and products. Partnering with a leading provider of market insights ensures that operators and restaurateurs can access the latest data to make the most informed decisions. Additionally, Brizo’s platform also offers “data enrichment” and “data normalization” services. These services help to ensure that any existing data is kept up-to-date and accurate, so that restaurant operators can trust its accuracy and make more confident decisions.


Access to reliable data is essential for restaurant operators and foodservice providers to stay ahead of the competition and remain successful in the industry. Brizo is an industry-leading provider of market insights that helps operators, restaurateurs, and foodservice providers make more informed decisions and optimize their operations. Leveraging up-to-date data, combined with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, enables customers to quickly react to changes in the market, identify opportunities for growth, and create targeted campaigns for maximum efficiency.