Getting Started with Trending Desserts in the Foodservice Industry

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Trending Dessert

With the ever-growing competition in the foodservice industry, it’s vital to select creative and unique offerings that will help businesses stand out from the crowd. For restaurateurs and foodservice providers, it’s important to stay up-to-date on emerging trends and to introduce cutting-edge desserts into the menu.

Fortunately, there are now a variety of strategies and techniques, both traditional and modern, to identify and capitalize on the latest food trends. Discover the latest research to kick-start your serve of trending desserts.

Conduct Regular Menu Assessments

The first and most important step to feature successful and appealing new desserts is to assess the menu regularly. This involves researching and identifying most popular and successful desserts from competitors, online reviews, surveys, and more. Industries’ leading market research service, Brizo, provides detailed market insights and analytics to assist with menu audits. The company’s cutting-edge technology offers predictive insights regarding dishes that are currently trendy in different geographic locations.

Moreover, restaurateurs can review the latest foodservice technology reports from professional foodservice organizations like the National Restaurant Association. Over the years, these associations have conducted regular surveys to provide insights into menu trends regarding the most successful new dishes.

Monitor Social Platforms

Social media platforms are a great way to research popular desserts. By using hashtag searches and influencer marketing, people can easily find different recipes and food trends. Social media can also be used as a great tool to showcase the latest desserts to potential customers. Platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook give chefs and restaurateurs the ability to influence customers through visual content and targeted advertisements.

Collect data with restaurant technology

Restaurant technology is another excellent solution to track customer preferences. Cutting-edge restaurant software can be used to store customer data when they visit a restaurant, enabling businesses to track the most popular and successful dishes.

From customer feedback forms and customer surveys to integrated data points from mobile applications or loyalty programs, restaurant technology provides a thorough insight into what customers prefer.

Take Advantage of Dessert Catering

Offering private events and catering can be a great way to get an intimate idea of what dessert is preferred. Caterers can provide customers with delicious samples and customized menus to fit individual needs. Moreover, the business can capitalize on the festive atmosphere of private events to introduce super trendy pastry.


As demonstrated, there are multiple ways to track and present the latest food trends. From regular menu assessments and tracking customer feedback to taking advantage of dessert catering and monitoring online platforms, the food service and manufacturing industry can embrace the data revolution in order to bring the latest desserts to their menus. By regularly assessing the menu, capitalizing on restaurant technology advances, and applying data-driven research, restaurant owners can make informed decisions that will ultimately lead to better sales and higher customer satisfaction.