Getting Started with the Foodservice Software Leader, Brizo

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Foodservice Software Leader

For restaurant technology providers looking to gain a competitive edge, starting with the Foodservice Software Leader, Brizo is a great way to access insightful data to enrich production innovation and strategically expand operations. Here, we’ll explore the various steps that can be taken to get a jumpstart with Brizo and unlock the power of the software for foodservice research and prospecting.

Sales Prospecting

When beginning with Brizo, the first logical step is to equip the sales team with data-driven insights and analytics of the foodservice market. Innumerable data points are accessible that allow for tailor-made research and prospecting. While menu data can be useful for uncovering trends, Brizo offers unparalleled restaurant tech coverage to make decision-making more efficient.

marketing to the Foodservice Market

Once the sales team is properly equipped, the next necessary step for restaurant technology providers is to leverage data-led industry insights to attract, convert, and close more leads. With Brizo’s comprehensive and detailed market analysis, understanding consumer demands and competing technologies becomes much simpler. By breaking down the market into smaller sub-sections, technology providers can accurately pinpoint where and how to penetrate the market.

Finding Kitchens & Expanding Operations

The third step for restaurant technology providers is to take advantage of the immense amount of foodservice market intelligence available via Brizo. With this data, companies can easily streamline production as well as strategically expand their presence in the market. Furthermore, Brizo includes an all-important database of kitchens in various countries. Having access to these kitchens allows restaurant technology providers to quickly launch their product without having to spend precious time looking for partnerships.

Data Enrichment

The last step in getting started with Brizo is the data enrichment. With just the right data set, technology providers can make more informed decisions throughout the development process. Brizo provides a powerful set of tools that enable companies to measure and compare the effectiveness of various strategies and operations.