Getting Started with Shine Foodservices

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Shine Foodservices

Getting the most out of your foodservice data is becoming more and more critical for success in the foodservice industry. Shine Foodservices has been designed to give operators the edge they need to accurately portfolio their efforts across sales, marketing, and operations. Whether you’re just getting started or honing an existing restaurant technology platform, understanding what you can do with Shine’s intelligence and analytics will give you an insight into more meaningful growth.

Shine is revolutionizing the foodservice industry with our exclusive suite of data-driven market insights, sales prospecting tools and competitive intelligence, making it easier for operators to rapidly gain market intelligence and visualize shifts and trends. Our detailed insights into the foodservice space provide invaluable information that allow companies to make strategic decisions that maximize opportunities and increase revenue.

Sales Prospecting

With Shine’s data-driven market intelligence, you can easily uncover potential customers, research their purchasing behavior and purchase history, and connect with them quickly and easily. When targeting key personas, understanding their individual preferences and menus is easier with Shine’s in-depth menu data and mapping service. With real-time info and live customer insights, you can target prospects with confidence.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

Shine makes optimizing your foodservice marketing easier and smarter. With insightful data-driven research, you can understand how best to target and engage potential customers and foster better relationships, improve customer loyalty, and reduce money spent on acquiring new customers. Shine’s Customized Campaigns provide tailored messaging, guiding you around the clutter of generic emails to capture the real attention of your ideal customers.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Shine’s Restaurant Technologies report helps you quickly locate kitchens from our carefully selected data points spanning across locations, order types, and locations. This data then allows you to identify new growth opportunities by recommending the types of adjustments and improvements your restaurants need to increase revenue.

Data Enrichment

Our powerful state-of-the-art data crunching pipelines helps you unlock high-value insights into the behavior of your customers and their buying decisions, allowing for advanced segmentation and intelligent targeting. Our automated data scan feature enhances your primary datasets with hyper-relevant consumer traits and automatically refines them for use in various campaigns. With Shine, you can trust that your decisions are well informed and confidently make smarter decisions.

At Shine, we understand that the foodservice industry needs fast and accurate intelligence in order to make the best decisions and maximize revenue growth. Our cutting-edge platform and AI-powered insights will help you discover emerging opportunities and increase sales and leads. Through our extensive library of market insights, you can save time and resources while gaining a comprehensive understanding of the foodservice market.