Getting Started with Restaurant Competitive Intelligence Platforms

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Restaurant Competitive Intelligence Platforms

As a supplier in the foodservice industry, sales prospecting and researching into foodservice trends and competitors can often be a tedious task. Fortunately, access to timely insights into the industry is made easier through the use of restaurant competitive intelligence platforms. Such platforms provide a comprehensive suite of tools designed to equip you with the latest data-driven insights and analytics needed to stay ahead of the competition.

From sales prospecting and competitive intelligence to marketing and data enrichment, competitive intelligence platforms empower suppliers, restaurateurs, and merchants by giving them the confidence needed to make informed decisions and drive their business forward. In this article, we discuss the basics of competitive intelligence platforms, and how they can help you get started.

1. Sales Intelligence

Using a competitive intelligence platform, you can quickly and efficiently research leads and create customized target lists, allowing your sales team to save time and focus on their strengths. The platform will provide you with market insights and data points, regarding customer behaviours, preferences, and trends, that can be used to proactively target potential leads. You will have access to school vendor contracts, library contracts, health care tenders, city government contracts, state government contracts, and other public contracts. The integrated intelligence suite can help you organize data and discover opportunities faster and more accurately.

2. Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence platforms also provide you with key insights into the foodservice market and the industry as a whole. You can track competitors and observe their strategies, spot upcoming food service market trends, and more thoughtfully understand consumer behaviour. You can use the platform to generate comprehensive market data reports and access real-time data that makes it easier to track competitor pricing and create strategic pricing plans. The insights about the foodservice industry provided by this platform are essential to staying competitive and innovative.

3. Marketing Intelligence

With the platform, you can optimize every stage of your marketing process to generate consistent and impressive results. The platform will give you access to comprehensive customer segmentation capabilities, allowing you to target campaigns and PDQs with pinpoint accuracy. Whether you’re developing advertising campaigns or AB testing, you’ll have an unbeatable advantage thanks to the data-driven insight that you have access to.

4. Kitchen & Operations Expansion

Finally, the platform can also be used to help you streamline production and expansion of your business. By leveraging the platform’s real-time insights, you can quickly identify gaps in the market and locate the best kitchens and production facilities. By strategically expanding your business operations, you can increase the scope of your brand and gain access to new customers and markets.


Competitive intelligence platforms are invaluable resources to any supplier in the foodservice industry. With the insights and analytics that these platforms provide, you can gain a better understanding of the industry, quickly identify opportunities and threats, and ensure that every aspect of your business is as efficient and profitable as possible.