Getting Started with Menu Trends

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Menu Trends

Navigating the foodservice market can be a daunting task with a constantly shifting landscape of different players, menu trends, and restaurant technologies. For foodservice suppliers, the market can be a minefield of opportunities, worthless leads, and expensive marketing campaigns. With a datadriven insight platform such as Brizo, however, trend navigation can be made simple and cost effective.

To get started with menu trends, it is important to understand the larger foodservice market. This includes the major global trends that are driving changes within the sector. Then, suppliers need to look into region-specific, sector-specific, and consumer-specific trends. From this research, suppliers can develop insights that can inform their decision making on which products to partner or market, which markets to prioritize, and which consumers to target.

Knowing current trends is one thing, but suppliers must also consider the future of the foodservice market. By looking at current trends in the context of what consumer tastes and preferences are likely to become in the near future, suppliers can find themselves in an advantageous position both in terms of product development and marketing.

These trends can be shaped further by studying competitor lifestyles. This involves tracking industry news and developments, customer segmentation data, and competitor profiles. Studying competitors can provide a unique insight into gaps in the market, what value they are offering, and ways they are generating market value.

By combining the insights from these broader trends with data science and artificial intelligence, suppliers can use even more detailed market modeling and data capabilities to unearth untapped opportunities in the foodservice market. Brizo’s AI algorithms allow for more precise targeting of potential customers and market segments, as well as identifying off-market opportunities for growth and partnerships.

With the right tools and insights, foodservice suppliers can make more informed decisions about their strategy and actions in the marketplace. By building an understanding of the broader foodservice market and its trends, researching competitors, and using data-driven insights such as those offered by Brizo, suppliers can benefit from an improved marketing strategy, more profitable partnerships, and increased sales.