Getting Started with Food Intelligence: A Comprehensive Guide

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Food Intelligence

With a constantly evolving foodservice market, it is vital to stay ahead of the competition and gain an advantage in the marketplace through data-driven insights. Food intelligence enables restaurants to stay on top of customer trends, monitor fluctuating food costs, optimize their menus, and make the most out of their operations. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the different ways you can leverage food intelligence, how to get started with the right data sources, and ways to drive marketing and sales efforts forward.

From healthcare delivery to hospitality, catered events to catering services, the food industry is undergoing massive changes while adapting to new consumer trends and regional preferences. This shift has led to an increased need for data-backed food intelligence—information and insights that tap into different aspects of the food industry, such as customer preferences, ingredient utilization, menu engineering, and sales performance. Food intelligence has the ability to bolster restaurant operations and help foodservice providers gain a competitive advantage in the market.

More than Just Analysis & Insights

Food intelligence goes far beyond analyzing current trends and collecting customer data. It is about making the most of the insights you acquire by leveraging them to inform and optimize different aspects of your business. From menu engineering to sales prospecting and data enrichment, food intelligence provides actionable information that can take your restaurant to the next level.

Menu Engineering

Menu engineering involves the use of data and insights to adjust the content of a restaurant’s menu, based on customer preference and trends, the seasonality of ingredients, and menu item profitability. With food intelligence, restaurants can leverage comprehensive datasets that analyze customer behavior, gauge the top-selling items on a menu, optimize ingredient utilization, and adjust the prices of the offered dishes.

Sales Prospecting

In the foodservice sector, sales prospecting relies heavily on building relationships, not only with local restaurants but also with corporate and institutional customers. With food intelligence, you can uncover new customers in specific geographies, become better informed of the competition in the area, strengthen your relationships with existing customers, and increase sales.

Enhancing Your Systems

Data enrichment is key for any business. With the right food intelligence, such as Brizo, you can streamline the inner workings of your restaurant by taking advantage of more comprehensive data insights. These powerful analytics can help inform decisions around innovation, pricing, menu curation, and more, allowing restaurants to make better decisions with confidence.

Find Kitchens and Expand Operations

Food intelligence allows restaurants to identify potential markets to expand their operations, gain access to new kitchens, and target customers with data-backed insights. With crucial and up-to-date intelligence on vendors, customers, suppliers, and more, restaurants can identify the best opportunities to foster relationships and gain an edge in the industry.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

Food intelligence is essential for restaurant operators looking to target their customer base and tailor their offerings. With comprehensive market insights, restaurants can convert and close more leads, attract customers more easily, and gain a better understanding of their target market.

Equipping Your Sales Team

Data-driven insights are invaluable to the success of any restaurant. With the right data sources, such as Brizo, you can equip your sales team with insights that allow them to better understand customer behavior and make data-backed decisions quickly. By leveraging the power of food intelligence, the sales team can connect more effectively with customers and make more informed decisions that benefit the business.


Food intelligence is your ticket to success in the foodservice market—from optimizing menus and prices to enhancing your systems and attracting leads. By leveraging data-backed insights and staying ahead of the competition, you can drive your restaurant to the next level and stay one step ahead of the industry.