Getting Started with Consumer Trend Data for Foodservice Markets

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Consumer Trend Data

Understanding consumer behavior is the key to any successful sales and marketing strategy in the food service industry. With so many new and inventive products being introduced to the market, it’s more important than ever for foodservice businesses to have insights into current trends in consumer eating habits.

Brizo is a market intelligence provider that offers a detailed and diverse set of consumer trend data, allowing for highly targeted research and prospecting. Their unique data fields provide insights into restaurant menu items, restaurant tech, sales prospects, and marketing trends related to the foodservice market.

In this article, we’ll explain how to get started understanding and leveraging consumer trend data to drive sales and marketing decisions in the foodservice industry.

Understand Consumer Eating Habits

The first step to understanding consumer trend data is to understand the eating habits of foodservice consumers. Brizo provides detailed insights into a range of metrics, from which meals are most popular, to what type of restaurant technologies are being embraced by foodservice businesses, to new menu items that consumers are drawn to.

By focusing on these metrics, foodservice businesses can better understand what menu items are resonating with customers, and decide whether to expand or reduce certain items from their own menus. They can also identify any gaps in the market that they can fill, such as specific niche items that they can use to differentiate their own menus from competitors.

Leverage Detailed Data to Make Strategic Decisions

Another major advantage of consumer trend data is its ability to provide detailed insights that can be used to make intelligent sales and marketing decisions. By analyzing which demographics are buying particular products, foodservice businesses can gain insight into how they can best target various customers.

They can also use the data to measure customer loyalty, identify geographic regions to prioritize for growth, and better understand their competition and the broader market.

Find Kitchens and Expand Operations

One of the most important benefits of consumer trend data is its ability to help foodservice businesses find and expand into new kitchens and expand their operations. Brizo provides comprehensive data on restaurants and commercial kitchens, including rankings, reviews, and more.

Foodservice businesses can use this data to identify potential partners, target areas for growth, make informed decisions on which restaurants and cafes to work with, and find new venues to market their product range.

Enhance Your Systems With Enrichment Data

Brizo offers a range of data enrichment solutions that allow foodservice businesses to enhance their systems with more comprehensive market and trend insights. This can give them the confidence to make decisions that are based on data-driven analysis, rather than guesswork.

Using these solutions, they can more accurately measure and analyze the performance of their products, find areas where they can optimize their processes, and gain insight into their competitors and the wider industry.

End thoughts

As the foodservice industry continues to evolve, understanding consumer trend data is essential for any business looking to succeed in the market. Brizo’s data-driven insights, unique data sets, and data enrichment solutions give foodservice businesses the information and insights they need to attract, convert, and close more leads, gain market share, and strategically expand their operations across new kitchens and venues.