Getting Started with a Restaurant Survey Platform

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Restaurant Survey Platform

For those in the food service industry, getting the insights and data you need for success can be a challenge. With the ever-changing landscape, it can be difficult to keep up with trends on the local, regional, or national level. Fortunately, with platforms like Brizo, restaurant owners and foodservice providers can access the latest insights and data to help them make the best decisions for their business. Brizo features a wide array of industry insights and analytics, offering comprehensive coverage for food service establishments. Through our platform, decision makers and sales teams can have access to sales intelligence, competitive intelligence, marketing intelligence, and more. This article will discuss the steps to get started on a restaurant survey platform and the data enrichment capabilities that come along with it.

Steps to Get Started

The first step toward working with a restaurant survey platform is examining your data. Take a look at the systems you currently have in place, and determine the kind of information you need to glean from the platform. For example, there could be certain menu items or target market regions that you want to track closely. Having this information readily available will be beneficial when you start working with the new data.

The next step is to get organized. Ensure that there is a central repository for your data where it can be easily accessed, stored, and updated. You don’t want to be searching through different systems each time you need to access a piece of information. Having a log that is updated regularly will be beneficial when utilizing a restaurant survey platform.

Once these steps are complete, you can start to look into the specific types of data available through the platform. Brizo offers a range of data fields for use, such as menu data, restaurant analytics, and unique food service insights.

Data Enrichment with a Restaurant Survey Platform

By utilizing a restaurant survey platform, data can be enriched in powerful ways. Menu insights and data can be used to create more accurate segmentation that can be used to improve marketing strategies. Additionally, predictive analytics and customer insights can be identified that can be used to better understand consumer habits and preferences.

For the sales team, the platform can be used to acquire leads with speed. By understanding the trends within the food service industry, marketing campaigns can be tailored with a unique level of insight. Through data analytics and artificial intelligence, the sales team can have insight into traditional and non-traditional market places in order to provide the most targeted customer experience.

Finally, detailed customer journeys can be created to understand how the consumer moves through the buying process. These journeys can be tracked and updated on the platform in order to uncover opportunities to improve the customer experience. The platform can also be used to better understand the types of restaurants that are in the market, thereby providing opportunities for expansion.

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As the food industry continues to evolve, technology can be leveraged in order to stay ahead of the game. Restaurant survey platforms such as Brizo offer a comprehensive range of data and analytics to ensure that food service businesses are keeping up with the latest trends and insight in the market. From sales intelligence to predictive analytics, data enrichment options abound with these types of platforms.