Get Started with a Custom Sales Trend Database

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Custom Sales Trend Database

The foodservice industry is a major part of the economy, with sales totaling more than $700 billion in 2020. As the field becomes increasingly competitive and complex, understanding the nuances of the market is essential for achieving success. Having a custom sales trend database can provide valuable insights into the workings of the food and beverage industry, allowing companies to develop effective marketing plans, target the right customers, and find new ways to expand operations. With a custom database specifically designed for the foodservice market, companies can better inform their decisions, maximise their business potential, and stay ahead of the competition.

Brizo Provides a Board and Diverse Set of Data

Brizo provides an array of data covering the complexities of the foodservice industry. Collecting and organizing data from an extensive range of sources, Brizo allows customers to take advantage of holistic market insight, and to identify and make use of valuable sales prospects. The data can be organized according to any number of criteria, providing businesses with valuable information about customer preferences, competitors, regional trends, and consumer data.

Sales Prospecting in the Foodservice Market

With advanced analysis and targeting capabilities, Brizo can help businesses locate and qualify the right kind of prospects. Businesses can easily search the database by location, type of business, cuisine, and more, identifying those that best match their ideal customer. The data can also provide insight into the frequency, timing, and value of orders, allowing companies to create and optimize targeted marketing campaigns.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

With the help of Brizo’s industry-specific data, businesses can create successful marketing campaigns that target the right customers. Utilising the vast amount of data available, companies can create content specific to their target audiences, optimise their campaigns for certain demographics, and identify marketing strategies that yield the potential for higher customer engagement.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Additionally, Brizo’s data can help businesses streamline production innovation and expand their operations. Companies can use the data to identify and locate new high-performing kitchens in their target areas, allowing them to rapidly expand and increase their market share. Companies can also use the data to gain insights into the current trends in the industry, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition.

Data Enrichment

Using Brizo’s comprehensive market insights, businesses can enrich their systems with more detailed information, allowing them to make better decisions and anticipate customer needs. This information can also help businesses improve customer service and simplify their processes by helping them capitalise on the industry’s current trends and customer preferences.