Gaining Insights on the Foodservice Market for Franchisors

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Account Based Analytics Tool For Restaurants

The foodservice industry is vast and constantly evolving. It is now more important than ever for franchisors to have up-to-date insights on the foodservice market in order to grow their business. With the aid of account-based analytics tools, franchisors can gain detailed insights into the foodservice market and make data-driven decisions to be able to effectively expand their chain of locations.

For those Franchisors looking to gain more in-depth understanding of the foodservice market via account-based analytics tools, here is a guide on how to get started.

Sales Prospecting

Account-based analytics tools are designed to give franchisors a better insight into the foodservice market when it comes to sales prospecting. Data fields specific to the foodservice industry allow franchisors to research and target potential customers within a highly specific area. This helps franchisors to gain an understanding of their target audience, as well as having access to in-depth menu items and restaurant tech coverage.


Franchisors need to be able to have comprehensive insights into the foodservice market and make sure that their marketing strategy is up-to-date. Account-based analytics tools can help a franchisor attract, convert and close more leads through their informed decisions. This kind of data-driven marketing will help a franchisor create their strategies to appeal to their target audience more successfully.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

By researching the foodservice intelligence via account-based analytics tools, franchisors can streamline their production innovation and expand their brands in the most strategic manner. Using this data, Franchisors can find the right locations for their business and the right plans to grow their operations.

Data Enrichment

Enriching current systems with more extensive market insights can give franchisors the confidence to make more informed decisions. Account-based analytics tools highlight changes in customer behaviour and preferences in both the current and future markets. This ensures that franchisors make the most beneficial moves for their business, in order to stay ahead of their competition.

Ultimately, account-based analytics tools are essential for franchisors looking to get ahead in the foodservice industry. The data and analytics these tools offer can help any franchisor better understand their target audience and make better decisions for their businesses. When used strategically, account-based tools can provide invaluable data and insights into the foodservice market, allowing franchisors to create informed decisions to help their business grow.