Understanding Restaurant Content Analytics for Foodservice Market Intelligence

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Restaurant Content Analytics Solution

We are living in the age of big data, where decision-making and business operations of all industries have come to depend on access to accurate, up-to-date data sets. This is especially true in the foodservice industry, where restaurateurs and food manufacturers must track restaurant content analytics to determine trends, pivot strategy, and stay ahead of ever-changing consumer demands.

Unprecedented access to information allows companies to refine their methods and utilize data-driven insights to build a more profitable business. At Brizo, we specialize in providing in-depth, aggregated restaurant content analytics to help food-service providers get the market insights they need. Our data-driven insights can provide industry experts with invaluable information such as menu data, restaurant tech coverage, and sales prospecting.

let’s take a deeper look at how restaurant content analytics can help foodservice professionals gain the market intelligence they need to make the right decisions at the right time.


A big-picture understanding of the foodservice market is essential for restaurants and food manufacturers to remain competitive. In a rapidly changing marketplace, foodservice providers need to make informed decisions quickly, and having detailed insights into the current market environment is one of the primary ways to do this.

Sales Prospecting

Savvy sales teams use comprehensive market analytics to make informed decisions about where and how to create leads in the foodservice industry. With data-driven insights from a specialized platform like Brizo, sales teams gain the ability to access information specific to their industry, such as menu data, market trends, and competitive intelligence.

Actions that are taken with this sales intelligence can range from specific, lead-oriented actions to more holistic strategies such as tracking potential customers or trends in the restaurant content across regions or sectors.

Competitive intelligence

Understanding the trends of the foodservice industry is critical to building an effective marketing strategy. With our restaurant content analytics, users are able to uncover their competitors within the industry, track their tactics, and gain an understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

Our in-depth data sets enable users to better understand marketing tactics and how they can best compete within the foodservice industry. Furthermore, our data-led market insights provide an opportunity to optimize campaigns and target customers with unprecedented accuracy.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Finding the right kitchen and locations can be a daunting task. Our AI driven data insights make it easier to impactful research and pinpoint the locations, services, and specialties that will increase an organization’s reach.

Our market insights provide the information foodservice providers need to strategize market entry, audit current operations, and even expand their network of customers.

Data Enrichment

Our restaurant content analytics also provide access to comprehensive market insights that can enrich existing systems and give users the confidence to make decisions. With more accurate and comprehensive market information, foodservice providers can identify opportunities and take the steps necessary to move their business forward.

The core message

In an increasingly data-driven foodservice industry, organizations need to have a competitive edge. With our restaurant content analytics platform, companies gain the ability to map the market and gain a true perspective of how it affects their operations.

From sales prospecting to competitor research, our market analytics platform supports every area of an operation and provides extensive insights into the industry. With our advanced foodservice market intelligence platform, foodservice providers gain the ability to uncover industry trends, track their competitors, and make decisions with confidence.