Gaining an Edge with Restaurant Competitive Intelligence Service

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Restaurant Competitive Intelligence Service

The foodservice industry is highly competitive today, as merchants and restaurateurs strive to stay ahead of the curve. The challenge for suppliers is to identify the right data-driven insights and sources to make informed decisions; both during sales prospecting and marketing campaigns. What’s more, while overall competitive competition remains steadfast, certain market trends and market shifts may have an impact on operations. To remain competitive, suppliers need to be equipped with a Restaurant Competitive Intelligence Service (RCIS) – a comprehensive platform that helps build better strategies and present better offerings for the successful growth of their business.

At Brizo, our Restaurant Competitive Intelligence Service provides a board and diverse set of data to gain deeper market understanding and make informed decisions. With our data, foodservice professionals and businesses can delve into highly targeted research and prospecting of the food service industry, as well as gain personalised insights into in-depth menu data and restaurant tech coverage.

When it comes to sales prospecting, data-led insights allow your sales team to gain a comprehensive understanding of the food service market and make informed decisions. Our proprietary databases, AI-driven insights and analytics facilitates sales prospecting, from mapping the supply chain to developing targeted sales lists. This enables businesses to identify key decision makers and markets, generate leads with greater accuracy and uncover vital market insights.

At Brizo, we provide more than just sales insights – our Market Intelligence provides comprehensive data-driven insights to optimize marketing campaigns and make targeted go-to-market strategies. With comprehensive segmentation streams and accurate targeting functions across devices and platforms, businesses gain access to insights that which helps them attract, convert and close leads effectively.

In the area of Operational Expansion, our Market Intelligence Platform allows businesses to streamline production innovation and strategically make decisions for their own brand expansion, with data brought to the table that traditional methods cannot touch. Data fields such as delivery volume and monthly sales allow businesses to focus their attention on the right location, operational plans and kitchen facilities which they may not have realised existed, while customer sentiment analysis and consumer personas provide detailed insight into consumer behavior.

Finally, our Market Intelligence Service provides businesses with data enrichment, wherein critical market data points are added to enhance existing systems. This technology enables businesses to make decisions with confidence with real-time updates of competitor pricing and identifying development opportunities within the foodservice industry.

To stay competitive in this ever-evolving industry, a Restaurant Competitive Intelligence Service ought to provide comprehensive platforms that facilitate sales and marketing, streamline production innovation and more. At Brizo, our Market Intelligence Platform gathers the highest quality data and rich insights from the foodservice industry, to arm businesses with data-driven strategies for growth and success.