Gaining a Foothold in the Foodservice Market with Menu Data

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Menu Data

For foodservice providers, the array of options to enter and establish presence in the food service market can seem overwhelming. Without reliable data to inform decisions around which sectors to target, when to make entry, and guidance on the competitive landscape, companies without an already-established market presence can find themselves spinning their wheels and frustrated with the growth in their markets.

By leveraging Brizo’s menu data, however, foodservice providers can gain a foothold in the marketplace quickly and easily. Not only can menu data inform decisions surrounding market entry, but it provides important information to help track industry trends and progress that can inform strategies and operations. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Sales Prospecting

Leveraging menu data to identify top prospects to target for sales is the first step toward efficiently gaining a foothold in the foodservice market. By providing crucial data such as the size of establishments, number of customers served, pricing strategies, and menu items, foodservice providers can customize their outreach approaches and target the best prospects for their products.

Using Brizo’s data, providers can understand the differentiators of particular establishments to ensure their product offerings match up with the existing restaurant environment. This can save foodservice providers time and effort in engaging the wrong prospects.

Marketing and Lead Generation

In-depth data from Brizo’s platform can provide powerful insights to help providers craft customized campaigns to match the needs and interests of particular segments and tastes of the foodservice market. From dietary trends to individual breakthrough items, data-led campaigns inform and capture customer attention, converting more leads and driving up potential customer sales.

Not only can data help drive conversions, but it can also lead to repeat customers. Customers today rely on data and insights to inform their dining habits, and menu data provides key information to help you meet and exceed their expectations.

Finding Kitchens and Expanding Operations

The menu data provided by Brizo includes a comprehensive view of the landscape, including options for kitchen facilities and other resources to support kitchen operations or expansions. By investing time and effort in understanding the foodservice market, providers can analyze areas for growth and opportunities, and make the decision to expand within or across regions with confidence.

Data Enrichment

Menu data helps foodservice providers know where to focus their efforts, and refine their strategies to meet the demands of the foodservice market. Detailed restaurant data can help inform decisions around the ideal customer profile and provide insights on pricing structures, ROI expectations, as well as competitor strategies that can inform operations and set up providers for success.


Navigating the foodservice industry doesn’t have to be a complex or time consuming task. With access to data-driven insights, foodservice providers can gain a foothold in the market quickly and easily. Spending just a few hours perusing the menu data provided by Brizo can provide key market intelligence to inform operations and guide providers down the path to success.