Gaining Deeper Insight into the US Foodservice Market with Brizo’s Comprehensive Market Data

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Evaluating C Store Drink Trends

When crafting and refining a strategy for expanding their restaurant data.com/en/solutions/restaurant-chains/’ target=’_blank’>chain, franchisors typically focus exclusively on a wide range of distinctive aspects, from selecting the appropriate market sector and identifying suitable locations to projecting estimated sales and conceptualizing the appropriate menu. What many franchisors overlook, however, is that there is a wealth of commerce-related data out there. This data, collected and organized by Brizo, is put together in an easily accessible format to assist restaurant chain operators in better understanding the US foodservice market and gaining a deeper insight into the consumer trends they need to consider when evaluating their options. In this article, we will address some of the key points that one should bear in mind when looking at the data offered by Brizo, and how it can be used to further their business objectives.

Viewing the market from multiple angles – It is essential to consider the market from various angles to gain the most comprehensive understanding of the overall situation. Brizo offers information collected from eight distinct data fields, which will enable franchisors to thoroughly examine a potential market before committing resources. Such data is invaluable in helping to make more informed decisions, as well as in aiding in the effective development of various strategies.

Menu items – When looking at a new market, a franchisor will need to evaluate the current menu offerings in that sector to ensure that its food will be able to stand out among the competition and also that the franchisor can meet the clients’ needs. With Brizo’s data, a franchisor can compare the menus of more than one million establishments in the United States, enabling them to determine which items are popular and what variations might be necessary when introducing their own food to the scene.

Restaurant technology – One of the factors that healthcare and hospitality establishments need to consider when opening or advancing their business is technology. With Brizo, franchisors can use the unique data field dedicated to technology to examine the types of technology being employed in different chains and locations. This will give them the information needed to choose the appropriate technology and tools to ensure their own process will support efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Sales prospects – For a franchise to be successful, it is necessary to make sure that its sales teams have the data needed to make the best decisions. With Brizo, franchisors can equip their teams with the necessary insights to help them monitor market position as well as remain aware of emerging opportunities. They also have access to data-driven insights that will assist their teams in understanding the market as well as discovering opportunities in distant locations.

Marketing – Many franchisors are not aware that aggregating and exploring market data is a necessary step in developing effective marketing strategies. With Brizo, franchisors can easily organize the data to form an understanding of customer demographics and behaviors, enabling them to hone in on specific audiences and reach them with engaging and targeted messages.

Finding kitchens and expanding operations – Another important factor to consider when expanding a franchise is finding suitable kitchens. With Brizo, franchisors can easily identify potential cafes, restaurants, or locations with helpful maps which provide the latest updates on restaurant locations that will match their criteria.

Data enrichment – The market data available on Brizo provides an opportunity to enrich systems and glean specific target data that can be used to make informed decisions about franchises’ operations. Data enrichment also enables franchisors to gather insights into groups that will use their services, and how to best target them with the correct messaging.

In summary, in order to gain greater insight into the US foodservice market, franchisors should consider taking advantage of the market data gathered and organized by Brizo. With information gathered from eight distinct data fields, franchisors can view the market from multiple angles, evaluate current menu items, monitor restaurant technology trends, equip their sales teams, perfect their marketing strategies, find suitable kitchens, and enrich their data with more comprehensive market insights.