Frequently Asked Questions Around Industry Menu

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Industry Menu

Franchise operations in the food and beverage industry are tasked with a wide variety of challenges, especially when it comes to data.com/en/platform/’ target=’_blank’>menu development. From locations management to ensuring food safety, proper menu structure, and trying to stay on top of the ever-changing food trends, a franchisor often finds themselves in a difficult position when it comes to managing a strong and competitive menu.

At Brizo, our mission to provide a board and diverse set of data for deeper foodservice market understanding and analysis. With our data, franchise owners can now target and prospect the foodservice market using unique fields specific to the restaurant industry. As part of that mission, we also put together a selection of frequently asked questions related to industry menus.

What elements make up a successful restaurant menu?

The key elements that make up a successful restaurant’s menu depend upon the concept, the type of cuisine and locality. However, general elements that should be taken into account when creating a restaurant menu are customer preferences, seasonality, food cost, specialty or signature items, menu description and plating, presentation, food pairings and upselling.

What type of menu items can attract new customers?

Introducing new menu items can help attract new customers, and broadening the menu to include both classic and modern items can help to increase customer lifetime value. Specific to concept, trying to introduce items that are unique and that will stand out in comparison to competitors is especially important. Updating the menu to offer regional and seasonal foods is also a great way to keep customers coming back, as they will not only find something different, but also something fresh and local.

How do I ensure customers are aware of new menu items?

The promotion of new menu items is an important part of ensuring they gain traction. A few ways to accomplish this include widespread social media promotion, displaying new items on menu boards and reformulating the menus. Additionally, offering promotions such as discounts, combo meals, and limited time offers can also entice customers to try out the new items.

How do I know what menu items are popular in a specific region?

By utilizing insights gleaned from market intelligence platforms such as Brizo, franchise owners can gain insights such as market cuisine trends, localized menu items, and restaurant tech trends. Our data allowed for a holistic view of the marketplace, allowing franchise owners to identify local cuisines, specific menu items, and consumer preferences.

How frequently should a restaurant menu be updated?

The frequency of menu updates will depend on the type of concept and the region the restaurant is located in. It is highly recommended that menu buzzwords, current trends and regional population demands be monitored on an ongoing basis, allowing for menu updates every few weeks or months.