Frequently Asked Questions Around Food Insights

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Food Insights

The food service industry is ever-expanding and an integral component of every nation’s economic fabric. To keep pace with the constantly transforming market and the dynamic customer needs, restaurant technology providers need to leverage intelligent, data-backed insights in order to plan their strategy and optimize operations. With vast amounts of data available, there is an often-overwhelming set of questions that such leaders ask when seeking to form meaningful insights.

Brizo provides a board and diverse set of data for deeper foodservice market understanding and analysis. Our data allows for highly targeted research and prospecting of the foodservice market with unique data fields specific to the food service industry. Insights includes in-depth menu data and restaurant tech coverage. This article will focus on the most commonly asked questions around food insights to better equip decision makers with the knowledge necessary to access the most comprehensive and meaningful insights.

What types of data are used in food insights?

Data used in food insights could include menu data, customer reviews, operating hours, store visits, customer loyalty metrics, price positioning, flavor analysis, pricing dynamics, store traffic, competitive analysis, and more. Additionally, restaurant tech coverage includes restaurant system performance metrics, loyalty program usage, and ease of ordering and payment. By leveraging this data, decision makers can develop a holistic view of the food market and develop creative ideas and innovative solutions to stay ahead of the competition.

How can food insights help to identify opportunities?

The data and insights gleaned from food insights focus on identifying opportunities in the foodservice industry, such as trends in customer demand, emerging customer needs, and more engaging menus. Additionally, sales prospecting, marketing efforts, and brand expansion can also be analyzed and decisions made accordingly.

Which types of insights are available for sales prospecting?

Food insights can enable sales prospecting in the foodservice market with insights such as customer behavior, store visits, customer demographics, customer reviews, pricing data, competitive analyses, and more. By leveraging this intelligence, sales teams can identify potential new customers, initiate conversations, and present proposed collaborations. Additionally, sales teams can use the data to conceptualize offers and strategically target the right customers with the right messages.

What type of insights can help in marketing efforts?

By understanding deeper customer needs and preference data, food insights can help to create more meaningful messages and campaigns. In addition, marketing teams can use the insights to assess the customer journey, modify campaigns based on customer preferences, and increase the success rate of campaigns.

How do food insights help to expand a brand?

Expanding a brand is never an easy task and requires research and planning to determine the best course of action. By utilizing food insights, decision makers can develop a comprehensive understanding of customer demand, competitive analysis, menu innovation, pricing dynamics, and store traffic to inform their decisions. Additionally, by obtaining customer demographic data and data on store visits, decision makers can accurately target potential customers and introduce new products and services in better-suited markets.