Frequently Asked Questions Around Food and Beverage Reports

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Food And Beverage Reports

As a franchisor looking to expand their footprint across the U.S., you need to understand the unique and localized food trends to be successful. Accurately discovering these trends can be a difficult process, as many of the existing datasets prove to be incomplete, unreliable, or both. That is why it is important to use a data-driven approach to discover trends, analyse market behaviour, and properly target potential customers.

Brizo has developed a suite of tools and services dedicated to the foodservice market that are specifically designed to help you understand what is happening in the areas you are targeting. These include an updated database of menus, restaurant technology news, and sales-prospecting insights — all of which are essential parts of the decision-making process when expanding.

In this article, we discuss commonly asked questions about leveraging Brizo’s food and beverage report to do market research, prospecting, marketing, expansion, and data enrichment.

What Kind of Food & Beverage Data Does Brizo Provide?

Brizo offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services that include a comprehensive menu database, restaurant technology news coverage, and sales prospects in the food service arena. Our datasets provide industry-specific insights that are not only comprehensive but also accurate and reliable. Our data is regularly updated and contains insights from a variety of sources, giving you a bird’s eye view of the foodservice industry.

How Can Market Research Help Franchisors?

Utilizing market research data can give franchisors a significant advantage in understanding their target market. By examining the menu items of restaurants in certain areas as well as industry trends, franchisors can more accurately determine the preferences of potential consumers. This detailed information can inform decisions on menu items, pricing, branding, and more.

What Type of Prospecting Insights Are Included?

Brizo’s prospecting insights provide detailed information on the food service market. This includes valuable insights such as the growth of the food service industry, the types of restaurants that are thriving, and emerging trends in the industry.

What Is Included in the Menu Database?

The Brizo menu database is updated regularly and includes the menus of major franchises throughout the country. Our database contains more than 1.5 million menus from major franchises, including casual dining, fast casual, and quick service.

What Type of Data Enrichment Is Available?

Brizo offers data enrichment with each of its datasets. There is a wide range of data fields available, including order tracking, customer feedback, market forecasts, and more. This allows you to better understand customer preferences and make informed decisions.

How Does Restaurant Technology Coverage Benefit Franchisors?

Restaurant technology coverage can provide valuable insight into trends in the industry. With Brizo, you can access highly detailed stories and interviews from the frontlines in the restaurant technology space. This can help franchisors determine which advances are driving the industry and which technologies are most valued by customers.

What Is The Target Audience of the Brizo Food & Beverage Report?

The target audience of the Brizo food and beverage report is franchisors who are looking to expand their presence in the U.S. The report is aimed at helping franchisors understand the foodservice market in their area and make informed decisions on menu items, pricing, branding, and more.