Franchises Have Typically Been the Go-to for Reliable Fast Food, but in Recent Years Have Been Turning to Local, Independent Businesses to Keep Up with the Ever-Evolving Restaurant and Foodservice Trends. if You’re a Franchisor Looking to Expand your Locations and Capitalize on New Opportunities, Having a Detailed Understanding of the Foodservice Market can be Essential in Making the Best Decisions. This Article Delves into the Details of the Current Restaurant and Foodservice Trends and How to Gain Insights into the Local Market to Stay Ahead of the Competition

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Dining Out Trends

Understanding the Foodservice Market

Knowing the current trends in the foodservice industry is the first step in making informed decisions in launching a new restaurant franchise. It also means having access to data that can help you understand the dynamics of the market and make the best decisions for your franchise. Having a comprehensive view of the foodservice market can be the key to staying ahead of the competition and ensuring the success of your brand.

By utilizing tools such as Brizo’s Foodservice Technology and menuOrigins, you’ll have access to in-depth foodservice data that can help you understand the market, make better decisions, and keep up with the ever-evolving trends. With comprehensive and dynamic data, you’ll be able to target and better understand your intended audience and their interests in the local foodservice market. Information such as local restaurant menus, pricing, reviews, and demographics are all essential pieces of the puzzle needed to understand the current local market trends and create more effective marketing strategies.

Sales Prospecting in the Foodservice Market

Having a well-rounded understanding of the foodservice market relatively benefits both sales and marketing, and will be an important factor in ensuring the success of any new franchise location. Knowing who to target, what to expect, and more allows for proactive sales prospecting. It helps you better understand the needs of potential customers and helps you create a more customized sales pitch to capitalize on these needs and establish lasting relationships.

Harnessing data from tools such as Brizo further encourages you to be more resourceful, creative, and efficient when it comes to sales prospecting. Knowing the demographics of target customers, current restaurant trends, menu items, pricing, and more enables you to identify potentially customer personas and craft a better message that can resonate with them.

Marketing To The Foodservice Market

Data-driven insights are also important in developing successful marketing campaigns. Knowing which type of audience you are targeting, their interests, and preferences helps you create more effective and engaging campaigns that actually speak to customers. It also helps you understand what marketing message to invest in, whether it is traditional print, platforms such as radio and television, or newer digital and social media formats.

With the proper insights from Brizo, you’ll have access to information such as customer types, or their demographics and geographic locations. This provides a better overview of the target audience that can help you develop a more targeted marketing campaign. In addition, they can offer insights on pricing and deals that may be appealing to customers.

Finding Kitchens & Expanding Operations

Not only can using data-driven insights help with sales and marketing efforts, but it can also help identify kitchens and other out-of-kitchen operations that may be beneficial to your franchise. Having data-driven insights can help you identify areas with already established markets, areas with potential for restaurant growth, and more.

Knowing this type of information helps you be intentional with expanding your restaurant presence. It allows you to identify and foresee potential growth areas, and create an effective strategy for expanding your operations.

Data Enrichment

Using data to understand the local foodservice market can provide an extra layer of confidence when making decisions. With all the data available such as customer trends, pricing, menus, etc., data-driven insights can help you create data-enriched systems that provide a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the local foodservice market. Making decisions confidentially and strategically, especially the ones involving innovation in production or expanding of your restaurant operations, is key in ensuring the success of your franchise.