A Franchisee’s Perspective on Evaluating Upcoming Flavor Trends in 2023

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Flavor Trends 2023

With flavor trends always evolving, it’s critical that franchisees understand foodservice-specific insights to make informed decisions when it comes to predicting and leveraging the foodservice market. By leveraging foodservice data insights from Brizo, franchisees can assess the pros and cons of flavor trends in 2023 in order to streamline production innovation, attract, convert, and close more leads with data-driven industry insights, and stay ahead of the curve when expanding the brand.

Analysis of Flavor Trends

The food and beverage industry is growing more competitive — and diverse — as time passes. In order to stand out and stay relevant, franchisees need to gain knowledge of the most current flavor trends. Brizo’s data allows for a comprehensive analysis of flavor trends, including menu and restaurant tech data, so that franchisees can glean accurate insights about local and national flavor trends.

By understanding upcoming flavoring trends, franchisees can determine what will be either a successful or unsuccessful product launch. For example, data insights can reveal which of the current flavor trends will still be in style for 2023 and which may become a passing fad in the coming years.

At the same time, franchisees should consider the feedback that customers have on a particular flavor without discounting the potential value of their own judgement. Examining customers’ reviews can provide a better understanding of trends, as well as any potential issues with specific flavors, such as ingredients that are not responding well in certain markets. This knowledge can prevent a potential product failure due to customer dissatisfaction.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Franchisees also need to consider the cost-benefit analysis when exploring new flavor trends. When launching a new product, franchisees should consider the following: the cost to reprocess and launch the product, any associated research and development costs, potential waste costs associated with customer dissatisfaction, the need for additional marketing campaigns, and more.

Franchisees can leverage Brizo’s insights to compare the estimated cost of launching the product to the potential benefits, such as increased customer satisfaction, brand recognition, and more. This analysis will help franchisees to stay on track with their budget while still staying on the cutting edge of foodservice trends.

Integration of New Flavors

When launching a new flavor, franchisees need to consider the best way to integrate the product into existing menus. Introducing new flavors can potentially disrupt the foodservice ecosystem and upset customers if it’s not done properly.

For instance, a franchisee may want to consider introducing a popular regional flavor to the menu. It’s important to consider the tastes, culture, and behavior of the demographic in that region and how it may affect the customer response. For instance, if adding a popular regional flavor to the menu, franchisees should also offer an accompanying side or condiment that would affect the receptiveness of the new flavor.

Franchisees can leverage Brizo’s insights to assess the impact that new flavors will have on the menu and customer satisfaction. Brizo’s data can help franchisees to understand the local demographics in the areas that they will potentially be expanding to, allowing them to customize the new product for those target consumers.

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As flavor trends continue to evolve, it’s important that franchisees leverage data insights to make informed decisions when deciding which flavor trends will work best for their franchise. By understanding upcoming foodservice trends, franchisees can determine whether a product will be successful or unsuccessful, assess cost-benefit analysis, and integrate new flavors into the menu that are tailored to local tastes and culture.