Foodservice Trend: Frequently Asked Questions

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Foodservice Trend

For those involved in the foodservice industry, there are many questions that arise as one attempts to keep up with the evolving market. How does the industry adapt to new technologies? What strategies can be adopted in order to stay competitive? Is there a gold-standard for data-driven insight? As the foodservice sector continues to fluctuate and make its mark, here are some frequently asked questions around the subject.

What Is Foodservice?

Foodservice is a broad term that encompasses dining experiences ranging from full-service dining to on-the-go convenience stores. This all-inclusive definition includes traditional restaurant dining, fast food services, catering, vending, concession stands, corporate and institutional dining, food delivery services, and many other forms of foodservice.

What Changes the Foodservice Industry?

The foodservice industry is quite fluid; a great deal of change is constant. Factors such as cost, customer preferences, health trends, industry regulations, and new technologies are all key elements that continually impact the foodservice sector.

What Technologies Are Impacting the Foodservice Industry?

Foodservice is adapting to technological advances just as other industries are. There are a plethora of technology solutions that are transforming restaurant operations across the board from mobile apps and online ordering to AI-driven robots and drone-supported delivery.

What Is the Impact of Technology on the Foodservice Sector?

Technology has had a huge impact on the foodservice industry. It has the ability to revolutionize the restaurant experience by automating operations and streamlining services. Additionally, technology is enabling faster and more convenient ordering, helping restaurants cut down on delivery wait times and waitstaff costs, while helping customers make faster choices and find quicker solutions to their dining needs.

What are Common Strategies in the Foodservice Industry?

Some of the most common strategies employed by foodservice providers are customer loyalty programs, menu and pricing optimization, integrated analytics, mobile ordering and delivery, customer personalization, and digital payment.

What Does Foodservice Market Intelligence Include?

Foodservice market intelligence is a critical tool for those involved in the industry. It includes research and prospecting of the foodservice market, sales prospecting, marketing, expanding operations, and data enrichment. Brizo provides a board and diverse set of data for deeper foodservice market understanding and analysis, including in-depth menu data and restaurant tech coverage.