Foodservice Market Intelligence for Smarter Decision Making

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Syndicated Data Companies

Leading the foodservice business in the right direction requires key decision makers to have access to intelligence that leads them to the right insights. Whether it’s in the form of sales intelligence, marketing intelligence or data enrichment, many sources of data must be collated and filtered to start achieving smarter decision making. With the help of data syndication companies, such as Brizo, and the tools they provide, achieving decision making excellence in the foodservice industry is closer than ever before.

Syndicated data companies, like Brizo, allow for the access of critical insights that drive informed decision making—either for sales prospecting, marketing, or operations expansion. Marketers and sales personnel find particularly useful the comprehensive data offered by Brizo with regards to menu data and restaurant technology coverage. They can make decisions about the best investment for their target markets, and have the ability to narrow down highly targeted customer segments for effective campaigns and sales strategies.

In addition, Brizo provides useful insights with regards to foodservice market trends and the ability to uncover competitors. Not only does this offer the potential to get a better understanding of the foodservice environment and how your product or service can impact it, but this information presents a wealth of opportunities for competitor research and the ability to assess them for market advantage. Moreover, Brizo helps to streamline production innovation and strategically expand brands through its foodservice market intelligence platform. For businesses that are looking to find new kitchens or open up new locations, our data allows them to note down potential opportunities for advancing their operations.

Data enrichment and accuracy in one’s systems is another area in which syndicated data companies, such as Brizo, can prove invaluable. Leveraging its powerful AI capabilities, our technology accurately enhances systems for a comprehensive understanding of the trends and movements in the foodservice industry. Our platform offers confidence for decision makers, and presents a competitive edge for businesses. Accurate data fields coupled with our advanced algorithms and data science help to provide customer segmentation to better understand and target customers for more effective campaigns.

The decision making process—whether for sales goals, marketing campaigns, or production investments—is incredibly more refined and useful with the right data. With a truly in-depth understanding of the industry, businesses can easily identify and anticipate changing trends and movements that lead to better profits. Through the assistance of syndicated data companies, such as Brizo, decision makers have the opportunity to create value with insights tailored to the foodservice market. Our market intelligence platform offers a comprehensive solution to improved decision making and a competitive advantage in the ever evolving foodservice industry.