Foodservice Market Intelligence: Analyzing Data for Restaurants

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Evaluating Social Media Analytics Tool For Restaurants

With a rapidly evolving foodservice landscape, restaurants, suppliers and analysts have to rely heavily on market intelligence to understand the latest trends that will drive their business decisions. Market data should provide a comprehensive understanding of the foodservice market, so it can be used to make informed decisions and target the right customers.

However, the data available on the market today is often limited in scope and depth, making it difficult to get a clear picture of the current industry. That’s why having the right analytics tool is essential to fully leverage market intelligence and make the most informed decisions.

At Brizo, our proprietary foodservice platform provides our customers with the data and insights they need to get a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the foodservice market. Beginning with comprehensive menu data and restaurant tech coverage and continuing on to sales prospecting and marketing, our platform gives clients the complete picture of the industry. Let’s examine the ways we can provide a greater understanding of the market intelligence, enabling customers to succeed.

Sales Prospecting in Foodservice

Suppliers who want to expand their reach to merchants and restaurateurs need an analytics tool that can help their sales teams find leads and convert them into longterm customers. Brizo’s analytics platform provides valuable data points such as restaurant locations, owner details, menu details, daily specials, ratings, reviews, and more. With this information, the sales team can create targeted campaigns, set up personalized outreach, and track customer activity. This way, they can pursue better-suited customers, resulting in increased conversions and improved sales.

Marketing into the Foodservice Industry

For suppliers looking to reach out to the foodservice market, analytics plays an even bigger role, as it provides essential insights for marketing campaigns. Brizo’s analytic tool provides comprehensive information about restaurants, their customer base, customer preferences, and more, which can be used to create targeted campaigns. Using data-driven insights to identify customer needs and preferences, marketers can ensure that their campaigns reach the right audience and deliver the desired results.

Finding Kitchens & Expanding Operations

For those looking to branch into or expand their operations in the foodservice market, data intelligence is invaluable. Having access to comprehensive market intelligence can help customers streamline their production process and make informed decisions about expanding their brand. With intel on restaurant kitchens, customers can make sure the output meets industry standards and find ways of improving their products.

Data Enrichment & Analytics as a Whole

In a nutshell, our comprehensive analytics tool helps those targeting the foodservice market take their strategies to a whole new level. We provide our customers with the data, insights, and the tools they need to make better decisions about their operations, marketing, and sales. Our platform takes care of the data enrichment for customers, so that they can have confidence in the results generated by their analysis.