The Rise of Food Research Companies: Understanding the Foodservice Market to Expand Your Brand

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Food Research Company

The foodservice industry has become increasingly important to the American economy, with many businesses relying on the industry to serve their customers. There is tremendous competition in the foodservice space, resulting in restaurant and hospitality owners needing to stay up-to-date on the most creative and innovative trends in order to remain competitive. This is where food research companies come in, giving restaurants and hospitality businesses the ability to better understand their local markets and learn about any potential opportunities that could help them to expand their offerings and grow their brand.

Food research companies provide a wealth of information so businesses can assess the current trends in the foodservice market. Companies offering food research services can help businesses gain insights on local restaurant optics, data.com/en/platform/’ target=’_blank’>menu items, technology usage, and so much more.

In this article, we will be exploring how businesses can get started with a food research company to help them gain helpful and valuable insights into their local foodservice market.

What Does a Food Research Company Do?

At its core, a food research company helps businesses learn more about the local foodservice industry by providing insightful data on a variety of topics. From menu items to technology usage, food research companies have access to a variety of market insights that can be helpful for businesses of all sizes.

Food research companies typically offer a variety of services, including menu data, restaurant tech coverage, and sales and marketing services. With menu data, restaurants can get a comprehensive look at menu items, pricing, popularity, and more. This can help businesses get a better understanding about what menu items are popular in their area, and if they have competitive pricing.

Foodservice tech coverage is also an important service that that food research companies offer. This type of coverage can provide businesses with insights on the latest technology being used in the foodservice industry. From POS systems to customer loyalty programs, food tech coverage can give businesses the ability to understand what technology their competitors are using, and what new technologies they can leverage to streamline their operations.

Sales and marketing services is another key offering by food research companies. This type of service typically includes sales prospecting, lead management, and data enrichment. With these services, businesses can gain a better understanding of their local food industry to help them attract, convert, and close more leads with data-led industry insights.

Find Kitchens & Expansion

In addition to the offerings mentioned above, foodresearch companies can also help businesses streamline production innovation and strategically expand their brand. With foodservice market intelligence, businesses can gain access to a wide range of valuable information so they can make knowledgeable decisions about their operations.

Find kitchens and expansion services are also offered by food research companies. With this type of service, businesses can better understand their target demographic and find the best kitchen locations to expand their operations. The data provided by food research companies can help businesses understand consumer usage habits and demands, helping them determine the best areas to set up new kitchens.

Data Enrichment

When it comes to foodservice market intelligence, data enrichment is a key component. With data enrichment, food research companies are able to provide their businesses with more comprehensive market insights. This helps businesses make decisions with confidence as they have access to more comprehensive and detailed data.

Using the data provided by food research companies, restaurants can gain valuable insights on the foodservice industry and find the best strategies to grow their business. Data enrichment can also be helpful for marketing and sales teams by giving them access to customer data that can be used to create highly targeted campaigns to get more customers and build relationships.


Food research companies are becoming increasingly popular in the foodservice industry as businesses are searching for ways to gain valuable insights and stay ahead of the competition. From menu items and technology usage to sales and marketing, food research companies can provide businesses with a wealth of data and information that can be used to better understand their local market and make smart and informed decisions for their business.

Ultimately, food research companies can help businesses find and identify gaps in the market, uncover valuable insights, and discover potential opportunities that will help them gain a competitive edge and expand their operations.