Foodservice Data Intelligence Overview

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Evaluating Health Care Food Service

Today, the foodservice industry presents a wealth of opportunities for restaurant technology providers. With IRL dining on pause for now, people are still eating, and restaurants continue to innovate to meet them where they’re at. In the United States alone, the foodservice industry is estimated to reach $537 billion in 2020, up from $483 billion in 2019. As restaurants look to innovate their digital offerings and bolster their e-commerce strategies, restaurant technology providers have the opportunity to not only provide them with the solutions they need, but to use data intelligence to create more comprehensive solutions and appeal to a wide array of potential customers.

For businesses looking to capitalize on the opportunity that a data-driven foodservice market presents, Brizo is a go-to source for comprehensive data intelligence. As the largest community-driven data source for the food service industry, Brizo provides a live-updated picture of the market, allowing tech providers to make more informed decisions when developing strategies to expand their reach. Whether you’re looking for insight into sales prospects, menus, restaurant operations, or marketing, Brizo’s data intelligence is the key to success.

Sales Prospecting in the Foodservice Market

The foodservice market provides tech providers the opportunity to capture more sales prospects in a range of locations, from small, standalone restaurants to large, national chains. With Brizo, tech providers can gain insights into customers’ menus, pricing, and delivery options, among other factors, allowing them to identify ideal prospects and target them with the level of data-driven precision they deserve.

Using the data points available in Brizo’s foodservice database, tech providers can gain a more thorough understanding of their customer base, allowing them to create more strategic sales plans. With Brizo, tech providers can filter their keyword searches by restaurant names, locations, menu items, and cuisine type, as well as refine their search results by sales volumes and more. This detailed focus allows for more targeted sales to customers who are actively seeking the solutions that the tech provider offers.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

To capture new prospects and grow their market share, tech providers must develop comprehensive marketing strategies that will reach and draw in potential customers. To support these efforts, Brizo provides a wide range of data that is useful in crafting effective sales and marketing initiatives.

With Brizo, tech providers can gain access to detailed information about their target customer base, such as sales data, restaurant operations and menus. This data can be used to identify restaurants that are likely to be interested in their solutions, and craft personalized messages and provide specific offers that will most effectively attract them. Additionally, tech providers can use Brizo’s data to stay up-to-date on menu trends and contribute to the trends by adding new features that customers will be interested in.

Finding Kitchens & Expanding Operations

Brizo’s unique insights also provide a valuable resource in streamlining production operations and expanding brand reach. With detailed menu intelligence at their fingertips, tech providers can identify kitchens that are a strong fit for their solutions and convince them to join their operations. By leveraging this data-driven intelligence, they can also gain a better understanding of how certain menu items interact with their solutions and how to adjust their approach to reach new customers.

Data Enrichment

In addition to streamlining production innovation and expanding operations, Brizo also offers valuable data enrichment insights. Tech providers can use Brizo’s data to fill gaps in their internal systems and ensure the data they’re working with is as comprehensive and accurate as possible. By plugging Brizo’s data into their systems, they’ll gain confidence in their decision-making and be able to competently craft more innovative solutions that meet customer needs.

At Brizo, our comprehensive foodservice data intelligence insights and analytics provide tech providers with the intelligence they need to compete in a quickly changing and evolution industry. With our data at their fingertips, tech providers can make better decisions and craft more effective solutions that will draw in more customers and contribute to the growth of their business.