Food Trends in 2023: The Foodservice Market and Franchise Expansion

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Food Trends In 2023

The foodservice market is a continually growing and changing landscape. With advances in technology, new restaurant concepts emerging, an ever-increasing consumer demand for convenience, and the ubiquity of globalization, there is no shortage of trends and influencers for foodservice operators to consider when charting out their business’s future. However, as a franchisor looking to expand locations, understanding the local food trends and how to best capitalize on them is a daunting challenge.

Fortunately, there are resources one can use to gain insights into the foodservice market and uncover prospective leads. Companies like Brizo offer services that give invaluable industry-specific data, such as in-depth menu and restaurant-tech coverage, as well as sales prospecting and market-enrichment. This makes forging ahead in the face of an ever-shifting foodservice landscape far easier than relying on guesswork and intuition.

Around 2023, some of the food trends that should be kept in mind can be grouped in three categories: convenience, sustainability, and health. Each of these trends has far-reaching implications for the foodservice market, as well as franchise operations.

Convenience as a Draw

As technology and convenience become ever more interwoven, it’s no surprise that operators are finding more and more ways to make the entire restaurant experience faster, cheaper, and more pleasant for the customer. Technologies like cashless payment systems, mobile ordering platforms, and other innovations have created large demand for convenience.

This is especially true in the realm of online ordering and delivery. In the pandemic environment, this trend has grown exponentially and shows no signs of stopping. New delivery platforms and restaurant-tech solutions have given operators the tools they need to stay in business, while being able to offer convenience to customers.

For franchises well-equipped to leverage the convenience trend, the potential ROI can be significant. And, as nuances of local food preferences become better understood, franchisors have the opportunity to tailor marketing initiatives and menu items to capitalize on regional demand hotspots.

Sustainability Goes Mainstream

The sustainability trend has been a slow-growing force in the restaurant industry for years, but it’s now becoming a driving force in menu design, marketing, and operations. Customers are increasingly aware of their consumption decisions’ impacts on the environment, and they are drawn to operators and brands that prioritize sustainability in their supply chains, sourcing criteria, energy-efficiency, and packaging.

To capitalize on the trend, operators and franchises should consider aligning themselves with organizations and initiatives that prove their commitment to sustainable practices. This could include partnering with responsible ingredient suppliers, supporting certified-organic farmers, or highlighting green initiatives in their promotional campaigns.

Health on the Rise

The wellness movement has been on a steady upward trajectory in the restaurant industry for some time now. Formerly considered a luxury-only niche, health-oriented eateries, plant-based concepts, and clean-label menus are now commonplace in quick-service and casual dining restaurants.

For franchisors and restaurant-operators looking to get ahead of the trend in 2023, keeping an eye on customer feedback and tracking engagement with health-conscious menu items is key. In addition, it also makes sense to focus on implementing farm-to-table suppliers, sourcing organic and clean label ingredients, and establishing partnerships with local farmers and entrepreneurs that are working to bring local produce and sustainable products to their customers.

Key point

The foodservice market continues to evolve on a daily basis. While it can be difficult to keep up with the changes and new trends, having data-driven insights and analytics, as well as intelligent insights from services like Brizo, can help franchisors and operators make smart decisions and expand their businesses confidently. Keeping tabs on the ever-shifting landscape of convenience, sustainability, and health is key for success in the foodservice market—especially around 2023.