Flavor Reports: What Franchisors Need to Know to Expand Their Reach

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Flavour Reports

The foodservice industry has been experiencing a renaissance of sorts in recent years with food being one of the prominent drivers of our taste buds. With the emergence of new technologies, ingredients, and techniques the data.com/en/platform/’ target=’_blank’>menu compositions of many restaurants continue to bring us bold, tempting, and bolder flavors. But the modern foodservice market is more than just a flavor showcase, it is an economy of regional tastes that require data-driven insights and analytics in order to tap into regional opportunities and successfully grow a brand or franchise. With the right set of tools, franchisors can get ahead of the curve and understand their local food trends to help make informed decisions and streamline production innovation.

At Brizo, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality foodservice market data to help franchisors make decisions with confidence and get the most out of their flavors. We have pulled together all the essential pieces needed to help franchisors truly understand flavors and, ultimately, the market. Our comprehensive flavor report includes:

1. Data-Driven Insights: With our unique data fields specific to the foodservice industry, franchisors can equip their sales team with comprehensive regional insights and market analysis that help identify new prospects and identify untapped opportunities for their growth.

2. Menu Data: Franchisors can get an in-depth understanding of local flavors and menu compositions to help drive their marketing initiatives and attract more customers.

3. Restaurant Tech Coverage: Our data also provides franchisors with insight into the latest technologies and advancements to help them keep their offerings fresh with diners and differentiate from their competition.

4. Sales Prospecting: With the right tools in place, franchisors can easily and effectively target potential customers and uncover emerging trends across different segments in the foodservice industry.

5. Data Enrichment: With market insights and data-driven analysis, franchisors can not only enhance their systems and databases, but also bring a new level of clarity to their decision-making process.

At the end of the day, with proper data-driven insights and research, franchisors can get an edge on their competition while understanding the regional food trends for better decision-making. Knowing what flavors are hot and what flavors could be missing from the menu could be the difference between success and failure.

At Brizo, our technology platform provides the industry with the highest quality of data to provide comprehensive market insights. We help empower the foodservice industry by connecting the dots between consumers, restaurants, and suppliers. Let Brizo help you get a deeper understanding of your target market and use data-driven insights to grow your franchise.