FAQs Around the Fastest-Growing Restaurant Trends

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Fastest-Growing Restaurant

As the food and beverage industry continues to expand, opportunities for growth and discovery hardly come with guarantees. With that in mind, franchisors looking to expand their license locations have a unique need to understand local food trends, get in front of prospective landlords, and stand out amongst the competition. Having access to data-led industry insights can enhance the process and help to ensure the success of the new franchise locations. Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) franchisors should consider around fastest-growing restaurant trends.

What is the importance of monitoring the foodservice market?

Understanding and staying on top of the foodservice market can enable any franchisor to stay ahead of the competition and remain attractive to customers. Understanding the changing landscape enables quick adaptation when making and introducing new decisions, be it in menu changes or marketing campaigns. Brizo provides a board and diverse set of data to help gain macro and micro-level insights from industry trends which can be leveraged for informed decisions and marketing strategies. Moreover, this platform grants unique access to data fields such as menu engineering and restaurant tech coverage which are specific to the food service industry.

How can sales teams and marketers benefit from data-driven insights?

Data-driven insights enable sales teams to have an informed and directional prospecting strategy as well as deep insight into customer and market trends. Leveraging Brizo’s data allows for precise prospecting in the foodservice market, efficiently driving meaningful leads. On the marketing front, personalization and segmentation of customer segments by distinguishing trends allows for more targeted and effective campaigns. Furthermore, access to more comprehensive market insights enables a marketing strategy to be more customer-centric and informed.

What are the benefits of using foodservice market insights for the production and expanding of the brand?

Exploring and leveraging foodservice market intelligence can streamline production innovations and provide opportunity for the franchisor to expand their brand in a strategic and unique way. Accessing up-to-date data-driven insights can provide an actionable strategy for growth across existing markets or even entry into a new segment of the industry. Moreover, this helps to ensure the core principles and mission of the brand are aligned and strongly integrated into the market, attracting more customers.

What is the importance of data enrichment when it comes to making decisions for the franchise?

Data enrichment provides an incredibly important resource for a franchise’s success. Giving the franchisor access to detailed market insights and trends will allow them to make decisions with confidence. Utilizing this strategy enables better planning, forecasting, and invaluable due diligence, as well as effective strategic decisions across various facets of the brand, from menu-engineering to marketing campaigns.