Exploring the Essential Food & Beverage Data Research for Franchisors

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Evaluating Food Research Company

In a rapidly competing and ever-changing world of food service, it is essential for franchisors to be informed, equipped, and agile when making decisions related to expansion and operations. With the immense complexity that food trends come with, it is especially important for franchisors to gather up-to-date and comprehensive data to leverage as they examine potential investment opportunities, work to target a specific audience, negotiate better prices with their suppliers, and assess their competition. Enter Brizo, a food research company which provides a full suite of tools that provide unique data fields and targeted information on the food service industry.

Franchisors know all too well that understanding the current food trends in the local economy and gauging the customer interests/tastes is key for their success. Brizo helps the franchisors exploit the most current insights and facilitate a deeper comprehension of the foodservice market. The company provides in-depth menu data, technology coverage, and sales prospecting. A franchisor may use this data to sharpen their initiatives on marketing, tap into new prospects for expansion, and explore avenues to enrich their understanding of their infrastructure and ultimately gain more confidence in making decisions. Here is a closer look into the essential data research that Brizo has to offer:

Sales Prospecting in the Foodservice Market

A franchisor may equip their sales team with the necessary data-driven insights and analytics acquired from Brizo. The data team at the company can help franchisors have better control over their sales process by strategizing and putting together the necessary information to find the most lucrative opportunities. Targeting the right customer and capitalizing on potential leads are vital; therefore, having the necessary data allows franchisors greater control over this process.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

To attract, convert and close more leads, a franchisor must take into account the interests and needs of the market they’re targetting. Brizo can help franchises to generate the necessary data to do so. With a deep focus on understanding the trends and customer’s needs/wants, a franchisor can make sure that the marketing effort they invest in delivers the desired results.

Finding Kitchens and Expanding Operations

Simply put, the more a franchisor understands the food industry, the greater the opportunities they have to tap into cutting edge innovation and to expand their operations. Brizo offers powerful analytics that help franchisors map their strategies. By investing in data research, the franchisor can maximize their chances of finding the perfect kitchen, recipe, and customer solutions that suit their needs and objectives.

Data Enrichment

As franchisors strive to create more impactful decisions and make data-driven decisions with utmost confidence, they need to rely on comprehensive market insights. At Brizo, aside from insights, franchisors can take advantage of robust data enrichment capabilities to further advance their systems. With this resource, they can build out more comprehensive data that allows them to make smarter decisions more efficiently.

Brizo provides a comprehensive suite of services that are vital for franchisors to succeed in today’s rapidly changing food service industry. With the right tools, franchisors can navigate through the turbulence that the industry comes with and maximize their chances for success while minimizing their risk.