Exploring Food Service Reports from Technology Provider Brizo

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Food Service Report

When it comes to foodservice markets around the world, understanding the industry in-depth requires comprehensive insights on menu data and restaurant technologies. One such technology provider offering unrivaled insights into foodservice markets is Brizo. With its board and diverse set of data, it offers you a chance to get highly targeted research and prospecting of the foodservice market.

Businesses with invested interest in the foodservice industry, such as restaurateurs, technology providers, and food manufacturers production, can benefit from data-driven insights and analytics to fuel their operations. With Brizo as the industry leader in providing foodservice market intelligence, you can equip your sales team, attract more leads and find kitchens, while also streamlining production innovation.

In this article, we’ll explore in-depth Brizo’s data sources and provide a comprehensive understanding on how businesses can leverage its insights.

Brizo’s Uniquely Tailored Datasets

Brizo offers near 50 search parameters to uncover the data that you need. This includes an industry-leading search radius – up to 790 miles. The sweeping data also provides both basic and unique data fields specific to the foodservice market. This includes National/Regolian/MKS menu insights, eCommerce sales and delivery menu analyses, real-time data capture of marketing promotions,UPdate Dining statuses, tracking of recipe trends and restaurant openings, and many more.

Data-Driven Prospecting & Insights for Sales and Marketing Teams

The extensive data offered by Brizo can provide a wealth of information to empower both sales and marketing teams to make informed decisions. With the insights and analysis, sales teams can uncover new sales and insights trajectories, while marketing teams can better assess customer goals and trends and be more equipped to reach, convert and close more leads.

The Benefits of Enhanced Data Enrichment

Thanks to data-driven insights and analytics, businesses can make decisions and strategize their operations with confidence. With real-time data capture for marketing promotions, they can also identify the most effective promotional strategies for customer retention. Businesses can improve the functionality of their systems with an extensive suite of market insights that will increase their efficiency across departments.

Locating Kitchens to Streamline Production Innovation & Expansion

Finding the right kitchens and components for product innovation is vital to the success of your business. Eating trends, cost structure, legislation within foodservice industry, as well as operational implications of expanding into a new market, are just a few pieces of information that Brizo’s data can provide to strategically assist businesses in expanding their offerings.


Brizo provides a comprehensive board of data tailored to the food service industry. With its unique set of datasets, businesses can utilize the insights to enhance their sales and marketing strategies. They can also identify ideal locations for new kitchens and expand their brand, all while streamlining operations with data-driven insights and analytics.