Explore the Foodservice Market with Comprehensive Data Analysis & Research

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Foodservice Research

The foodservice market is an ever-changing landscape, shaped by trends, technology, and consumer demand. For restaurant owners, kitchen operators, manufacturers and technology providers, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Fortunately, with the right data and analytics, understanding the breadth and depth of this market becomes much easier.

At the same time, many are unsure of where to get started. With the influx of data from various sources, navigating the data can feel overwhelming. Therefore, getting started the right way is critical. Brizo provides access to a comprehensive suite of data and analytics for the foodservice market, so you can make the most informed decisions.

to Foodservice Market Research

Foodservice market research is defined as the systematic gathering and analysis of information regarding the target market, competition, and the industry as a whole. The goal of such research is to determine opportunities and identify solutions that will lead the way for a systematic approach to increase market share, enhance performance, and reduce risks.

Effective market research helps decision makers understand the characteristics of their target market, assess their competition, analyze industry trends, and determine strategies to address all of these elements. With the evolving complexity of the foodservice market, the need for market research that is more in-depth — and supported by data-driven insights — is greater than ever.

For deeper data insights, Brizo provides access to a comprehensive suite of foodservice market data and analytics that enables customers to make the best decisions — from sales prospecting, to marketing, and operations.

Sales Prospecting in the Foodservice Market

For sales teams, arming themselves with data-driven insights can enable them to target the right restaurant owners, identify the most promising prospects, and ensure that their pitches resonate in the market.

For instance, Brizo’s sales intelligence tools can be used to filter sales targets by factors such as level of potential spend, menu type, distribution area, and restaurant sales volume. Sales prospects can then be quickly populated into the sales team’s CRM, helping guide and manage their sales activities with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

Data-led marketing insights can help restaurant marketers attract, convert, and close more leads. For example, Brizo’s marketing intelligence insights include competitive analysis to help marketers compare their company’s menu types with competitors in the same region, market share analysis for assessing a company’s performance and potential areas for growth, and menu tracking to understand changes in menu types, prices, and new offerings in the market.

Such insights are invaluable for developing effective marketing campaigns that are tailored to the target market. With proper market research, restaurant marketers can ensure that their campaigns are geared to the right audience, use the correct messaging, and contain the right elements to drive the desired results.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

For restaurant management and kitchen operators, data-driven market intelligence can make it easier to streamline production and strategically expand operations. The combination of different datasets can provide a clearer picture of the market and reveal how restaurants are operating throughout different regions, all of which can be beneficial when any time there are updates to the menu or production is added.

Additionally, understanding the customer base in key markets, as well as the preferences of those customers, is essential for expanding into new restaurants and regions. Foodservice market data will provides quick visibility into the best areas to explore, and provides the data required to drive such decisions.

Data Enrichment

Finally, foodservice market insights are an invaluable resource for enriching your own systems with more comprehensive market information. This can help businesses make decisions with more confidence, as data-driven insights provide a more thorough understanding of the market as a whole.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems can be enriched with restaurant and consumer demographics, menu and pricing insights, and technology spend data, so teams can make the best decisions when it comes to sales, marketing, and operations.

At Brizo, we have one goal: to make understanding the foodservice market easy. Our comprehensive data and analytics suite provides everything Restaurant Technologists need to take control of their data intelligence and gain real value from it. From sales and marketing, to operations and enriching systems, our insights put teams in the driver’s seat to make the most informed decisions around the foodservice market.