Ingredient Trends and the Foodservice Market: Unlock Data-Driven Insights for Your Business

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Ingredient Trends

If the customer is always right, then the foodservice market is always changing. A successful restaurant must remain on the cusp of the latest trends in the industry — and any savvy restaurateur knows there’s no greater influencer on a menu than its ingredients.

Staying ahead of ingredient trends in the foodservice market requires accurate and real-time market data. But these insights can be hard to come by, not to mention time-consuming to parse through. Brizo, a data-analytics platform dedicated to the foodservice market, provides trending data sets to help streamline the process.

Trending ingredient data can have a multitude of benefits. Not only can it help improve your menu development, but also offer insights into sales initiatives, marketing, and growth. So how can you use your data to build a valuable business model in the foodservice market? Let’s take a look at what Brizo has to offer and how you can take advantage of it.

Sales Prospecting in the Foodservice Market

The foodservice market spaces are becoming increasingly competitive. You’ll need to gain an edge over other restaurants and the best way to do that is to have an in-depth understanding of the market and its customers.

With Brizo’s data-powered insights, you’ll have a better understanding of what customers are ordering. This kind of data-led intelligence can help inform you of the products you should be stocking and expand your presence in the food industry.

What’s more, Brizo’s insights offer highly targeted research capabilities into the foodservice market. These insights include in-depth menu data and restaurant tech coverage, as well as food and beverage preferences in specific zip codes. Knowing what’s selling in your area can help you develop items tailored to local customers, so you stay competitive in the market.

In other words, having a comprehensive data set of the food industry can improve your overall sales prospects.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

Data-driven insights are also valuable in creating targeted marketing campaigns. For example, Brizo’s extensive data may point to what customers are looking for in terms of food or drinks, and can be used to build a more effective marketing strategy.

The information Brizo offers can also be used to enhance your CRM and automate marketing campaigns. Now, you can set up personalized messages and promotions easily based on the data you have, rather than relying on guesswork. This also arms you with the ability to create retargeting efforts when it comes to your main customers.

By understanding your customer’s buying habits, your restaurant can promote the perfect dish or beverage that they’ll be interested in trying. This allows you to attract, convert, and close more leads with confidence.

Find Kitchens and Expand Operations

If you’re looking to grow your restaurant’s presence in the food industry, then a data-driven approach is your best bet. Brizo’s insights can be used to identify high-potential lead locations and help streamline the production and innovation process.

Having access to data about suppliers, production timelines, and ingredient-quality indicators can give your restaurant a launching pad to devise competitive processes. Brizo helps you break down the data to focus on demographics, culinary trends, and financials when expanding your restaurant’s reach.

In short, Brizo’s data-based insights can help you identify what customers want, wherever you want to expand, and allow for coverage on a global scale.

Data Enrichment

Finally, Brizo’s data-driven insights into the foodservice market offer an unparalleled level of customer segmentation that can improve your business processes. Not only will you get vital information about customers, but you’ll also have the ability to enrich your systems with features based on data.

With this data-enrichment option, your restaurant can make informed decisions with confidence. Your restaurant can set up specific triggers and alerts to ensure customer processes are always running smoothly. These features remove any guesswork and provide a strategic means of expanding your restaurant’s brand.

Last reflections

The foodservice market is always evolving, and staying on top of those changing dynamics is essential for restaurant success. With access to data-driven insights, restaurant owners can benefit from informed decisions, improved marketing, and streamlined operations.

At the end of the day, having the right data can empower and equip your restaurant to succeed. Brizo provides a comprehensive look at the foodservice market and everything it has to offer — from customer insights to sales data — to help your restaurant stand out.