Evaluating the Future of Breakfast Trends in 2023

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Evaluating Breakfast Trends 2023

Breakfast is often considered the most important meal of the day. As such, it has seen a great deal of innovation evolve over the years, with new recipes, ingredients, and preparation methods hitting many different markets. With the pandemic of 2020 and it’s continued effects, restaurant owners are beginning to plan for the future in terms of how breakfast dining options will look in 2023. To understand this, data from Brizo, a global provider of data insights to the foodservice industry, is essential.

Brizo offers comprehensive foodservice market intelligence to provide a clearer picture of the industry, from sales and marketing to production and operations. By harnessing data-driven insights and analytics, foodservice business owners can gain an edge against their competition. Brizo’s menu data and restaurant tech coverage provide more enriched insights to better inform decision making.

The pandemic of 2020 has already led to a surge in restaurant technology, providing a safer way to offer dining experiences. Automation, no-contact ordering, and scheduling software have all become commonplace in the industry, and as the pandemic continues its effects, this trend is expected to accelerate. What’s more, these technologies can be scaled up or down, from high-end establishments to more basic diners. As restaurant owners and chefs continue to innovate, breakfast menus will need to keep up, both in terms of the technological component and the food items on the menu.

Another major factor to consider is the taste preferences of diners. In recent years, plant-based diets have started to become mainstream, as well as the increasing availability of healthy and organic ingredients. According to Bizo’s data, this trend is hitting the breakfast scene in a big way, with rapidly growing popularity in foods like vegan pancakes, oatmeal, and smoothie bowls. Even create-your-own-omelette stations are on the rise when it comes to reinventing the breakfast menu.

Finally, what about pricing? Brizo’s data indicates that pricing is the key factor in a diner’s decision-making process. With this in mind, restaurant owners may be tempted to enhance their breakfast menus with excess ingredients or sides in order to increase the sale amount. Although this can be a viable strategy to some extent, Brizo’s data shows that, more often than not, the best approach is to set prices that encourage breakfast-goers to come back often.

The landscape of breakfast dining in 2023 will surely look drastically different than it did in 2020. By leveraging data, restaurant owners and chefs across the world can make more informed decisions when it comes to the future of breakfast trends. Whether it’s helping to create a fresh menu from scratch, using the latest restaurant technology and automation, or knowing what price points customers are seeking, Brizo’s data offers the insights necessary to build something special.