Evaluating Foodservice Research: Unlocking Data-Powered Insights

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Evaluating Foodservice Research

It takes more than just a keen eye to analyze and understand the complexities of the foodservice market. Armed with the right data, companies can take strategic steps towards success. Without it, they may find themselves at a disadvantage, especially in terms of sales prospecting, marketing, innovation, and data enrichment. Brizo has created a board and diverse set of data to equip teams with the data-driven insights and analytics needed to penetrate the foodservice market.

Understanding the foodservice market is essential to franchise success. A franchisor looking to expand locations must have a comprehensive understanding of the local food trends, as well as their target audience. At the same time, the franchise must be able to act on this knowledge in order to drive cost savings, as well as revenue growth. Knowing how to navigate through industry insights is key.

Sales Prospecting

Brizo’s data-driven insights enable a team to conduct highly targeted and informed research and prospecting of the foodservice market. This gives sales teams the ability to be more efficient in their efforts and to better tailor their messages to each prospect. Beyond understanding market trends and growth patterns, sales teams can use data to identify key customer needs and positioning strategies. Furthermore, this allows teams to create an end-to-end sales cycle, enabling teams to be informed and proactive, rather than reactive in their approach.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

As the foodservice industry evolves, so too does the customer landscape. In order for teams to reach and convert more customers, they need to have data-led industry insights. With this data, teams can create tailored campaigns that are both timely and relevant. Furthermore, teams can use data to track customer response, engagement and conversion rates.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Innovation is an integral component of any franchise. Understanding the market trends can provide insight into new products and identify potential partners for collaboration. Furthermore, data can be used to identify competitors and their kitchen locations. This provides teams with the opportunity to expand their own operations, as well as their brand’s presence in the market.

Data Enrichment

Brizo’s data can also be used to enrich an organization’s systems. With a deeper understanding of the industry, teams can make measurable decisions with confidence. By connecting customer preferences and meal trends, teams can design products and services best suited for market needs.

In the end, having access to the right data is essential to longterm success in the foodservice market. Armed with industry insights, teams can make data-driven decisions and shift their approach from a reactive to a proactive one. By leveraging the right data-driven solutions, teams can unlock access to a new world of intelligence, helping them to succeed in the ever-changing foodservice landscape.