Evaluating Food Trends for 2023: How to Leverage Data for Maximum Benefit

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Evaluating Food Trends For 2023

The foodservice market is constantly evolving, and with it, the advancements in food technological trends and their implications. Many operators, manufacturers, and restaurant technology providers often overlook how to effectively use data to drive insights and optimize for maximum benefit in the food industry. To remain competitive in the market and remain abreast of ever-changing consumer trends and behaviors, the comprehensive and insightful data provided by Brizo can offer incomparable advantages for all aspects of planning, forecasting, development, and marketing. Here, we will explore the key considerations to make when evaluating food trends for 2023, and how data can be leveraged to its full potential.

Industry experts often cite future trends in terms of menu items, techniques, and global influences, and these are all important to consider when developing menus, planning events, and creating marketing materials. However, the most effective way to evaluate a “trend” is to look deeper at the analytics of what’s been successful in the past and how to adapt that for success in the future. By understanding the recipes, ingredients, processes, and equipment that have been implemented in the most popular restaurants, manufacturers can remain ahead of the market and plan for the future accordingly.

Sales Prospecting

For restaurant technology providers, effective sales data is an essential asset for prospecting opportunities. With access to data-driven insights and analytics, companies can identify the most likely candidates for a sale, target areas of highest potential, and make better decisions when allocating resources. This is where data-enriched tools can enhance prospecting efforts, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the foodservice market and helping to streamline operations.


Given the highly competitive nature of the food industry, restaurant technology providers must be strategic in their approach to customer acquisition and conversion. By utilizing data-led industry insights, companies can focus their efforts on the most likely prospects and launch targeted campaigns with far greater efficiency and impact. This can include lead generation through digital marketing campaigns, using geofencing advertising and other engagement strategies to ensure maximum ROI.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Data-driven market intelligence can provide valuable insight into unexplored kitchen and dining concepts across a variety of sectors. By understanding the current production trends of the industry, technology providers can identify potential areas for expansion before any competition has the chance to enter the market, leading to a competitive advantage for the business in the long-term. This process requires careful analysis based on a variety of criteria, such as menu design, meal preparation methods, dietary trends, kitchen designs, and pricing structures. With the right resources, lessons learned from previous data can be applied to new concepts with great success.

With a wide array of data fields specific to the food service industry, Brizo makes it easy to gain insight into the most common menu items, the latest food trends, the most popular concepts in the market, and much more. By leveraging this data for menu development, sales prospecting, marketing and operations expansion, restaurant technology providers can maximize their efforts and remain ahead of the curve when it comes to evaluating food trends for 2023.