Essential Questions for Foodservice Market Research Firms

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The foodservice market is a complicated and continuously changing landscape that is hard to truly understand. And with the current global situation fast transitioning each industry, foodservice firms now more than ever need accurate reliable insights on the best channels for sales prospecting, operational expansion, marketing, and data enrichment. At Brizo, we make it easier for foodservice businesses to make decisions with a diverse set of data for deeper market understanding and analytics.

From understanding the changing trends in menu data to unlocking new markets with restaurant tech, we provide an all-in-one platform with comprehensive insights to make informed decisions with confidence. As we support foodservice businesses now more than ever, let’s take a look at some essential questions companies must consider when turning to foodservice research firms.

1. What Insights Does the Research Firm Provide?

The first questions companies must ask is what insights does the research firm offer that fits their particular business needs? It is essential to get to know what type of analysis and data the firm offers. Research firms should clearly state the range and quality of the research services they provide, what types of data sets are available, in-depth industry coverage, and overall scope of the market coverage.

2. What Methodologies Does the Research Firm Use?

It is also important to understand the methodologies the research firm utilizes. Good research relies on well established data collection techniques and reliable analysis and interpretation process. Questions to ask here focus on what type of methods are used to collect and compile data, how and where the data is collected, and how often is the data collected.

3. What Resources Does the Research Firm Offer?

Companies should focus on what resources the research firm offer in terms resources and capabilities. This includes understanding the expertise within the team backing the data, what type of technology is used by the firm, and any other resources available such as training or additional support from the firm.

4. How is the Data Delivered?

It’s essential to be aware of the format the data is presented in, as well as the speed of delivery. Research firms should be able to clearly answer questions about the data delivery format and service speed.

5. What Kind of Support Does the Research Firm Provide?

If research firm offers additional support or recommendations after data delivery, companies should understand what type of services is included in the package and if it is included in the pricing. This means companies should look for legal support, consultancy, or additional personalized services if needed.


Foodservice market research firms offer essential insight into the industry that can help support strategic decisions for foodservice businesses. With the current global crisis changing the industry overall, foodservice firms must rely on reliable data to successfully expand operations, target the right customers, and optimize resources. Companies must answer the essential questions first to ensure the research firm they choose can provide the insights they need.