Deep Dive into the Foodservice Industry: Leveraging Market Analytics

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Evaluating Restaurant Social Media Analytics Solutions

When it comes to evaluating restaurant social media analytics solutions, many businesses overlook an often-unseen factor–the ability to gain in-depth insight into the foodservice industry. To capitalize on the market’s potential, companies need to obtain industry-specific intelligence such as menu data, sales prospecting, competitor research and production innovation.

That’s where Brizo’s foodservice market analytics platform comes in. Our data-driven insights and analytics enable businesses to increase their sales, attract and convert leads, expand their operations, and make decisions with confidence.

Let’s dive deeper into why you should consider utilizing our advanced platform.

Sales Intelligence

Using our unique dataset, businesses can quickly and accurately evaluate potential customers. Each dataset containsa plethora of foodservice-related fields that can be used to inform a variety of sales strategies. Companies can rid themselves of tedious manual research and instead access automated tools to streamline and enhance their sales research.

Competitive Intelligence

Outmaneuvering the competition has never been easier. Explore potential trends within the food service market, such as price point comparisons and menu analysis, to identify how your rivals are positioning their products and services. With deep market insights, you can modify your own offerings and tap into revenue-building opportunities.

Marketing Intelligence

Customers’ preferences evolve constantly. To make sure you’re offering what customers want and revamping your campaigns for maximum ROI, you need to have the data that provides real-time understanding of the market. With Brizo’s dashboard, you’ll have unique insights and strategies to increase customer acquisition and retention.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Developing a new product takes a lot of work and money. With our platform, companies can access location-specific menu data to better understand the competition and determine if their product is viable. Additionally, manufacturers can optimize their production and launch products with more confidence, making decisions inspired by accurate and up-to-date foodservice market intelligence.

Data Enrichment

Suppliers can use our data to improve existing market datasets and bolster strategic investments. Our datasets include a broad range of data from reliable, trusted sources that combine to create a holistic representation of the foodservice industry. Using our data, companies can gain better insights to inform every single decision they make.

Going Deeper with Brizo’s Foodservice Market Insights Platform

Whether you’re marketing to busy restaurateurs, budget-conscious customers, or dinner-party hosts, Brizo’s foodservice market insights platform can give your organization that necessary edge. With our trustworthy datasets, you can boost your sales, gain deeper insights into components like product distribution and pricing policy, and analyze competitors with confidence for more impactful decision-making.

Brizo’s foodservice platform puts the power of data intelligence into your hands to give your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed on the market.