Everything You Need to Know About Evaluating and Understanding C-Store Store Trends During Covid

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C-Store Store Trends Covid

The coronavirus pandemic has altered the way business is done in nearly every industry, the foodservice market included. With consumers shifting to takeout, delivery, and other socially distanced options, it has become more important than ever for franchisors to understand local food trends in order to accurately and strategically expand their brand. This requires an in-depth analysis of the data available to them.

Fortunately, there are now resources like Brizo that provide a comprehensive range of data to the foodservice market. This access to unique data fields specific to the foodservice industry ensures that franchisors have real-time insights into their target local market, including menu trends and restaurant technology coverage. Such insights help franchisors make informed decisions and gain the confidence to move forward with potential expansions.

In order for franchisors to best assess foodservice trends throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, they must have access to the right data points. This includes understanding current market needs, what customers are buying, growth areas, and the long-term potential of their ideas. Below we discuss the most effective ways to equip your sales team with data-driven insights, attract new customers, and expand operations.

Sales Prospecting in the Foodservice Market

Sales prospecting is key during the pandemic, as it helps franchisors to do two important tasks–research new markets with potential customers and quickly customize their sales approach based on customer demand. With the right data intelligence, franchisors can effectively develop new sales strategies to rapidly reach potential customers and convert them into loyal customers.

By gaining access to unique data fields in marketing automation, franchisors can capitalize on real-time discoveries. This information can help curb risks while targeting new prospects, identify markets that may not have been considered before, and make better decisions about products and services. With analytics, franchisors can easily see customer preferences, purchase patterns, and receive valuable feedback with predictive analytics.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

When expanding their brand, franchisors must focus on effective marketing tactics. This includes making sure they are up-to-date on the latest trends and tools to reach local customers. With the right data-driven insights, franchisors can effectively attract new customers, develop relationships, and close more leads.

They can benefit from mapping customer pu which help them identify target hot spots and colder areas in order to effectively create localized marketing plans for their chain. This customer purchase data can also trigger automated emails and messages, helping the franchisor reach customers more quickly. Trend data analysis also allows franchisors to understand their local market better, create strong customer relationships, and even match real-time local market trends.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

To create a successful foodservice chain, franchisors must find and secure the most suitable kitchens that align with their customer needs. To do this, they must have an understanding of local market powerhouse trends and the various strengths and weaknesses that each kitchen has. Acquiring valuable data to identify potential kitchens and partners is crucial.

Data-driven insights from Brizo help franchisors streamline their production innovation and strategically expand their brands with real-time foodservice market intelligence. This provides them with extensive information from each kitchen to make the best decision for every situation. With insight about kitchen facilities, delivery times, and partner contact information, franchisors can easily make informed decisions when it comes to operations.

Data Enrichment

Data-enriched systems help franchisors make better decisions with confidence. To stay competitive in the foodservice market, franchisors must constantly be aware of the latest trends and have the right tools to capitalize on those trends.

Using custom data fields to understand customer preferences, targeted marketing plans, and optimized operations management are just a few examples of how having access to more comprehensive market intelligence can make a difference.

By taking advantage of these insights, franchisors can easily prepare for spikes in customer demand, run more effective campaigns, and make better decisions.