Consumer Restaurant Trends: How to Get Started

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Consumer Restaurant Trends

The food industry is constantly changing around the world, with consumers hungry for new flavors, ingredients, and trends. To keep up with the variable consumer preferences, restaurant brands must constantly stay on top of their local foodservice markets. Doing so requires gaining insights from a combination of trusted data and expertise. Whether you’re a local restaurant planning a new menu or an enterprise looking to expand and innovate with trends, the right data can help you get started in consumer restaurant trends.

Brizo is a comprehensive solution to gather information and draw insights from the ever-changing foodservice market. With a host of data points unique to the food service industry, from menu items to restaurant tech, Brizo provides reliable insights for sales prospecting, marketing, and operations. Here, we will discuss the ways that data can be used to inform a franchisor’s restaurant decisions and aid them in reaching the right customers.

Sales Prospecting in the Foodservice Market

Data-driven insights and analytics can arm sales teams with the information they need to make informed decisions and maximize customer engagements. Brizo’s intuitive interface offers up-to-the-minute data so that teams can uncover trends in the market and investigate customer preferences. This allows for more targeted sales pitches and targeted opportunities for pitches. Prospective customers can easily become converted into sales leads with the right data at the right price.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

With the right insights, companies can reach their target audience in the foodservice market more efficiently. By gathering market intel and discovering industry trends, sales and marketing teams can optimize their outreach methods. Content marketing strategies, for example, can be tailored to the preferences and encounters of potential customers. This can ultimately lead to more successful conversions, and to sales lifting from a better understanding of their target market.

Find Kitchens & Expand Operations

Foodservice market intelligence can also help companies streamline production and expand their business. With data-driven insights and analysis, teams can be guided on the options to reach and capture greater scale in the fields of technology, kitchen operations, or product development. Businesses can explore operational models that are tailored to their desired skillset and expand their brand with confidence.

Data Enrichment

Finally, consumer restaurant trends can provide a reliable source of information to enrich existing systems. Information such as menu item revenues, nutrition facts, and customer order history can all be mined from market intelligence to gain a fuller view of the foodservice landscape. Insights gathered from Brizo can help eliminate any uncertainty from decisions and give teams the confidence to act quickly with the data-backed assurance of success.

By surveying the foodservice market with customized data fields provided by Brizo, organizations can begin their journey to mastering the restaurant trend game. With highly targeted research and actionable insights, companies can gain the lead over their competition and find the ideal methods to engage customers and boost revenue.