Cheese: Tasting the Latest Trends in Foodservice

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Cheese Trends

Cheese has been a beloved ingredient for centuries, offering a range of flavors, both savory and sweet, to compliment any cuisine. Its flexibility and range of uses make it popular in restaurants, from upscale eateries to fast-food joints. With its versatility and timeless appeal, the cheese industry is growing more competitive by the day, with new and innovative products and trends appearing on the market. Studies by Brizo and other market research groups reveal all the latest trends in cheese consumption and production across restaurant and manufacturing sectors, and how cheese is being used to enhance customer experiences and drive sales for the foodservice industry.

To understand the current state of the industry, it’s important to consider how modern trends are emerging from all the data being reported. Aside from its intense flavor, cheese also functions not just as a staple ingredient, but as a luxury item in itself. Many restaurants online and brick-and-mortar are starting to offer customers specialty cheese boards and other unique dishes catered to the customer’s unique preference. In addition, these restaurants are making the most of their menu items with new and interesting flavors that keep customers coming back for more.

The traditional favorites such as cheddar, Gouda and Parmesan are still a popular choice for consumers, but recent innovations in the cheese industry are providing an even more exciting means for customers to indulge in their favorite dish. Manufacturers now offer unique and hard-to-find artisanal cheeses, varieties that only have limited availability in certain markets. These types of cheeses have become popular among cheese critics and connoisseurs who appreciate the distinct flavor and unique textures that they add to a dish. In addition, new types of cheeses are being produced by boutique cheese makers that capitalize on the emergence of social media influencers as an effective marketing tool.

Foodservice technology providers are also taking advantage of modern cheese trends by offering customers more data-driven solutions to better target and predict customer needs. With Brizo’s data-rich research and prospecting services, providers can easily access insights and analysis specific to the foodservice market, providing access to menu data, restaurant tech coverage, and more. This way, providers can enhance their systems with better insights, enabling them to quickly make decisions and provide more comprehensive market insights to their customers.

From finding and expanding operations to sales prospecting and targeting leads, manufacturers, restaurants, and technology providers alike can all benefit from data-driven research to better understand the foodservice industry. With their focus on cheese trends, restaurant and manufacturers can broaden their outreach to customers, pinpoint new possibilities, and always stay one step ahead of the competition.