Unraveling the Researched Benefits of Foodserviceby Usings the Brizo Platform for Supplier Content Marketing

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Evaluating Beverage Supplier Content Marketing Service

When it comes to evaluating beverage supplier content marketing services, most companies don’t think about what potential benefits they can utilize to maximize their foodservice market understanding. Although the essential elements that go into foodservice operations remain the same—sourcing, production, and distribution—the tools available to food and beverage companies to track these operations have evolved tremendously in recent years. The Brizo platform stands out as one of the market intelligence industry’s most comprehensive solutions.

This robust platform gives foodservice professionals the ability to hone in on industry trends and threats, dive deeper into customer segmentation data, conduct extensive menu research, discover key sales prospects, improve their marketing strategies, and much more. To understand how leveraging the power of the Brizo platform can benefit suppliers, it’s critical to breakdown the various components of the platform and how they help strengthen the commercialization process for foodservice suppliers.

Sales Prospecting

The Brizo platform offers many different data-driven approaches to help foodservice suppliers identify potential outlets for their products and navigate sales concurrent with their target markets. By tapping into over seven million total outlets nationally, the platform delivers detailed outlet & prospecting data to provide quick and efficient insights about different opportunities available via outlined strategies. This data includes contact information, sector information, retail/foodservice/distribution size, volume, and location.

Furthermore, the platform also ensures that foodservice suppliers are able to track potential suppliers that may pose as a potential threat to their market entry strategies. When prospecting for sales, what matters isn’t the quantity of the prospects, but the quality. By leveraging data from the Brizo platform, sales teams are able to find healthier options and meet customer needs in a more agile, comprehensive manner.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

With the Brizo platform, foodservice suppliers are able to make more informed decisions when it comes to turning the supply chain into a revenue stream. Foodservice marketing involves multiple elements, including identifying target markets, positioning the product, and leveraging targeted strategies to increase market penetration. To succeed in marketing to the foodservice market, companies need to understand and develop insights about the target market.

The Brizo platform provides food industry marketers with the resources to conduct thorough research of their customer segmentation. This allows them to build campaigns more effectively based on the customer’s decision process. Additionally, data such as menu trends and tech advancements empower marketing teams to create campaigns that are in alignment with industry trends, while also giving them insight into the underlying dynamics of the foodservice market.

Expanding Operations with Product Innovation

Networking is an important part of a successful foodservice operation, and the Brizo platform helps facilitate this process. Through the platform’s extensive database of contacts and detailed location information, foodservice suppliers are able to quickly identify potential locations that might provide better opportunities for product innovation. By leveraging data-driven insights, companies can streamline production to find new and unique opportunities.

Furthermore, the Brizo platform also provides strategic information about specific market segments. This helps companies unleash the full range of their product portfolios by allowing them to prioritize their resources according to the most viable and lucrative opportunities. By researching and understanding customer preferences — and adjusting their product portfolios Accordingly — companies can gain an edge against their competitors and move their business ahead.

Data Enrichment

The Brizo platform provides access to over 20,000 unique data points, offering insights into the foodservice industry that have never been available before. This allows foodservice suppliers to understand customer trends more easily, develop more accurate product forecasts, and more quickly pinpoint potential future market shifts. By using these data-driven insights, foodservice companies can enhance their management systems with comprehensive market analysis and make more confident business decisions.

By utilizing the Brizo platform for supplier content marketing, foodservice companies can identify customer needs more accurately, locate lucrative sales prospects, create data-driven marketing campaigns, explore opportunities for product innovation, and be more agile in making decisions about the market. These benefits can provide foodservice professionals with a definitive edge, allowing them to fully understand the foodservice landscape and make well-informed decisions about their products and their market.