Bring Data Intelligence into Your Foodservice Market Strategies

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Evaluating Restaurant Account Based Analytics Service

Foodservice operations involve a tremendous amount of data. The sheer variety of the market’s offerings—from seafood to fast food to gourmet options—requires intense tracking of all aspects of business from sales to production, competitive advantage, and marketing. Understanding all the available data and making decisions based on intelligent and informed research is ultimately the lead to success. restaurant technology companies provide an invaluable resource to food service providers with account-based analytics that provide a comprehensive understanding of the foodservice market.

Brizo is a restaurant technology provider that offers a board and diverse set of data for deeper food service market understanding and analysis. Our data allows for highly targeted research and prospecting of the foodservice market with unique data fields specific to the industry. From our insights, menu data and restaurant tech coverage, businesses can retain a competitive edge by equipping themselves with data-driven insights and analytics.

Sales prospecting is a critical part of foodservice operations. Companies must find quality leads with speed and precision. Our proprietary data platform includes detailed insights that provide insights into the market, giving users a quick and easy way to find and contact potential customers. By enriching data through our platform, businesses can make decisions with confidence and find quality leads while increasing overall sales.

Marketing is another key area of foodservice providers’ operations. To properly market a brand, a business needs to have data-led industry insights that allow it to attract, convert, and close more leads. Our insights provide the necessary information to enable businesses to make informed decisions about targeting and campaigns so they can reach more customers and build their brand efficiently.

In order to expand a food service operations, a business must scout kitchens to get the quality, quantity, and location desired for production. By using our comprehensive foodservice market intelligence, businesses can streamline production innovation and identify locations and opportunities for expansion. Our insights allow businesses to determine the best places to open and, just as importantly, to close restaurants if needed.

Account-based analytics is a critical tool to a restaurant technology provider’s success. Companies must view all the data available to them and be able to make decisions off of it. Our insights and analytics provide a comprehensive understanding of the foodservice market, allowing businesses to access the data they need to assist in all aspects of their operations, from sales prospecting to expanding their own operations.