Breakfast Trends in 2023: Unveiling Commonly Asked Questions

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Breakfast Trends 2023

Breakfast has long been known as “the most important meal of the day”, and with its significance, there are countless of questions surrounding the trends that will emerge in 2023. With the ever-changing landscape of the foodservice market, the question arises, “What changes are in store for breakfast in the coming years?” The future of breakfast is constantly in motion, and it is essential to have a keen understanding of the current trends as a basis for speculating what the landscape of 2023 will look like. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions, so you can stay up to date with the rapidly shifting breakfast trends.

What is the meal size trend for breakfast items?

Much like the trend seen in dinner foods, breakfast items are becoming increasingly larger. As more people are avoiding excess cards throughout the day, breakfast items have become the primary format for incorporating a large amount of nutritional value into the diet. Breakfast sandwiches, bowls, and burritos are all becoming more popular, as they offer a high-fiber and protein-packed package. Additionally, more restaurants are offering shareable breakfast items, such as trays of muffins, pancakes, and mini omelettes. These meals are perfect for grabbing and go establishments, as they provide a unique breakfast experience without the hassle of preparing and cooking a full breakfast item.

How have restaurants incorporated breakfast into their menus?

As restaurants have begun to demonstrate more creative, interesting, and exciting options, the breakfast sector has seen a marked increase in the amount of options on menus. From savory breakfasts such as bacon-stuffed waffles and vegetable-stuffed omelets, to sweet options like waffles layered with ice cream and muffins with sprinkled toppings, the options for breakfast have become virtually endless. Specialty espresso, tea, and smoothies have also become widely popular in the breakfast sector, as they provide quick options for a burst of energy in the mornings.

How have restaurants incorporated technology into the breakfast sector?

Technology has taken an active role in the breakfast sector, with the most interesting developments leveraging artificial intelligence (AI). Restaurants specializing in breakfast have begun to incorporate AI into their menus, allowing customers to create breakfast items based on their own preferences. Customers can use AI to customize omelets to their exact specifications, and restaurants can use AI to detect food trends and make changes to their menu accordingly. Additionally, many restaurants have incorporated online ordering systems, allowing customers to place their breakfast order and pay from the comfort of their home.

What types of breakfast packaging and containers are available?

The breakfast sector is progressing rapidly in terms of packaging and containers. From specialized containers and packaging for grab-and-go items, to sustainable options for take-home and delivery items, the breakfast sector is heading full-steam ahead into the future. Restaurants are offering a variety of to-go containers, both sustainable and non-sustainable, so customers can enjoy their breakfast from anywhere. Additionally, many Sustainable packaging options are available, such as recyclable paper and compostable containers, allowing customers to enjoy their breakfast without producing waste.

What trends should we expect in 2023?

As technology and sustainability increasingly come into play, the breakfast trends we can expect in 2023 include: an increasing variety of breakfast items customized to preferences and dietary needs; a more widespread use of AI to curate menus and detect food trends; a push to more sustainable packaging and containers; and a wider variety of grab-and-go meal options. Breakfast will continue to be an important part of our daily lives, however, as a result of a constantly evolving foodservice market, it’s essential to stay current with the latest trends.

It is clear that breakfast in the foodservice industry will continue to evolve over the coming years. With the influx of new technologies, more creative menus, and an emphasis on sustainability, 2023 is sure to be an exciting year for breakfast. As breakfast has become an integral part of people’s daily lives, it is essential to keep up with the latest trends. Use this article as a guide to help you stay up to date with the changing landscape of the breakfast sector, so that you can be better prepared for what lies ahead.