Are there pros to 3rd party delivery apps?

It could be getting worse for Independent restaurants…No secret that Restaurants in North America are in a damned if you do and damned if you don’t scenario with 3rd party delivery apps. Since Brizo FoodMetrics tracks the web footprint for all restaurants in North America, we looked at those restaurants that are still open vs those that are permanently closed.

There are 113,397 restaurants with 1k+ website visitors each month and partnered with 3 or more delivery apps. Within this batch, the restaurants can be segmented even further to 35,673 independent restaurants and 77,724 chain locations. Within those:

  • 5+ delivery apps at 31k+ restaurants
  • 4 delivery apps at 33k+ restaurants
  • 3 delivery apps at 49k+ restaurants

The above could be forecasting the next round of closed restaurants. For the recently closed restaurants that were using 3 or more delivery apps, 67% were independent restaurants. 32.5% were chains.

We have heard a lot of the cons around 3rd party delivery apps…what are the pros?

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