Using Content Analytics to Reduce Risk and Achieve Market Expansion for Food & Beverage Distributors

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Evaluating Content Analytics Program For Restaurants

The life of a food and beverage (F&B) distributor is the definition of hard work and dedication. From carpentry-style logistic mastery in building out the right network of products to effective planning, marketing, and sales to ensuare availability of F&B at restaurants, wholesalers, and retailers – it’s all in a days work. But it doesn’t stop there.

These distributors must continue their juggling act of topics, constantly making decisions on capitalizing markets, managing production, and analyzing trends. But there are even more factors that F&B distributors must consider when going long term or expanding into new markets.

Content analytics is one piece of the puzzle for F&B distributors. With the use of data-driven insights, F&B distributors can make informed decisions and reduce the risk associated with marketing and selling to new markets. Furthermore, content analytics can help streamline production innovation and strategically expand F&B businesses, leading to higher margin results. This article will discuss the benefits of using content analytics to reduce risk and achieve market expansion for F&B distributors.

Sales Prospecting in the Foodservice Market

F&B distributors can equip their sales teams with targeted data-driven insights and analytics to identify reliable sources for purchase. Foodservice market data can help F&B distributors build customer profiles of restaurants they wish to market and sell to. By understanding customer needs, F&B distributors are better positioned to know what food products should be marketed and sold, thus enabling informed decision making on their portfolios.

Brizo offers a comprehensive board and diverse set of data to better understand the food service market. Data fields that are specific to the food service industry help F&B distributors have an in-depth understanding of a restaurant’s menu, food types, and food preferences; this in turn assists in taking the guess work out of the sales cycle.

Marketing to the Foodservice Market

Using data-led insights from content analytics aids F&B distributors in acquiring, converting, and closing leads promptly. With the right insights, F&B distributors gain a better understanding of trends, marketing strategies, and strategies to capture customer attention using the right messaging.

In addition to better conversion and closing rates with informed lead generation can also lead to reduced waste and higher return. Algorithmic content analytics assesses user behavior, identifies trends, and helps identify pain points for F&B markets so distributors can focus efforts on more high performing activities.

Finding Kitchens & Expand Operations

Content analytics can help F&B distributors identify the right kitchen to tap into to add more value to their origin of ingredients. Being able to better analyze food market trends allows F&B distributors to identify popular items that their target markets exhibit an interest in, thus helping drive advantage over the competition.

Product innovation is key in expanding F&B businesses. This is where content analytics integrated solutions come into play. Insights generated from the analytics can provide F&B distributors with a “window” into the behavior and preferences of their target markets, allowing them to respond quickly and accurately with more value-added food products.

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment provides F&B distributors with greater confidence when making decisions. Content analytics can be used to enhance platforms with more comprehensive market insights. Origin, seasonal harvest, processing, delivery, and pricing can all be assessed to create a robust supply of rich data necessary for creating trust and loyalty with customers.

This also includes utilization of emerging technologies such as geolocation, AI, and automation. Combining these solutions with content analytics helps F&B distributors make smarter decisions when engaging with customers and expanding into new markets.

Last ideas

Content analytics is an essential tool for the food & beverage industry, especially when it comes to reducing risk and achieving market expansion. It provides F&B distributors with data-led insights that help equip sales teams, attract, convert, and close more leads, expand operations, and make decisions with confidence. Use of content analytics can help F&B distributors stand out from the competition and create and promote products that are relevant to the industry.